Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Made Some Stuff Again

I recognize, of course, that they are not memes, as they have not become memetic. It has lately come to my attention that such screencaps with captions may, in fact, be known as macros. I am not certain on this, so please do not quote me.

However, I have been playing around with Paint and some screencaps (The Lord of the Rings Image Library is a wonderful, wonderful website) and have devised the following:

That picture just screamed for that caption. In fact, I think I found it with the caption of something like: "I dunno. You're the wise Elf, you tell me." So it was only natural I label it.

I also played around with a new font, in case you didn't notice. I felt something more informal would be appropriate, and so came up with Kristen something or other. I've been using Lucinda Calligraphy and Lucinda Bright mostly until now.

I'm not happy with this one. I still don't know how to place the words in a way that I like, while retaining the emphases upon 'all', 'luck', and 'world'. I'm happy with the placement and italics of I really do, but it's the first sentence that gets me. Hmm. I don't like straight lines of text, but I can't curve them or slant them in Paint.

Sounds like I need a better picture manipulating program...

I love Bofur so much, y'all. I have the same fool's hope, the same faith in everything turning out eventually for the best. If only I had his willingness to befriend people, as well. Sadly, I'm not used to being around people in a positive way. Not that I have many negative encounters with people, though. They're mostly just neutral. You sit next to them in class, pass them on the sidewalk. It's not much.

And now I'm describing people like subatomic particles. Gah. *headbang*

I need a new macro, one that says, "THIS IS WHY I LIKE SCIENCE MORE THAN PEOPLE."

It would be very applicable to my life at a great many points.

Maybe I just don't know the right people...

This one will be very handy for ordering people around. XD

This is quoted very often around our house.

Legolas's face here was also just screaming for thisi caption. So I obliged. XD

Now, this Bofur one I am happy with.

In Pace Christi,


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  1. I love the first one of Legolas. He's like, "WHACHYA GONNA DO ABOUT IT?" XD