Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Random Nori Appreciation Post

I don't know why I'm doing this, but I think it's time for some of the Dwarves who are not as much appreciated as, say, Kili (because I'm fairly sure most of the younger womenfolk on Tumblr are in love with him and/or Aidan Turner, poor guy) to get some love, too. And one of the ones who gets left out a lot is Nori, presumably because of his starfish hair.

This is Nori. Nori with knives.

This is Nori on a pony.

Here is a fan's epic rendering of Nori. (Not my art of course, and I cannot seem to find out whose it was. My searches only led me back to vg247.com, whatever that may be.)

I told you it was quite epic. Pretty yellow and orange swooshes and a pick that he doesn't really have in the movie... Nor is he wearing those clothes... But anyway! It reminds me of the opening cutscene from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, where Ike, Soren, and Titania all get their 'hero moments'. Titania has red swooshes around her poleax, Soren has green swooshes since he uses wind magic (some time I should really share my love of FE on this blog), and Ike has blue swooshes, which match his hair. XP Because video game characters love to be color-coordinated.

Now, Nori is played by Jed Brophy. Jed Brophy has been in many of Peter Jackson's movies, even in all three of The Lord of the Rings, though you probably didn't realize it was him at the time. Here's why:

Can you say, "MIND. BLOWN."???

(I really need to get a reaction gif for that...)

Oh, and it doesn't stop there! He wasn't just various orcs (yes, he was the orc who was partly responsible for Aragorn's 'tumble off the cliff'), Nazgul, and Nori, he was also a Rider of Rohan!

See? I told you.

And it doesn't stop there!! He was another Rider, with a helmet, and he was also an Elf extra!

LOL. Ssshhh, don't tell Thorin. We have to keep it a secret for Nori. After all, if we don't, he might show up and put Lobelia Sackville-Baggins to shame by stealing all our silverware...

(Obviously, I've memorized all the funny dialogue from the production videos...)

Now, Nori gets two lines as far as I can tell in TH:AUJ, and the focus is on him for only one of them- "I think I saw him slip away when they first collared us," referring to Bilbo escaping the goblins. However, in rewatching the movie Sunday night I noticed in Bag End when Balin says something to the effect of, "But we number just thirteen, and not thirteen of the best or brightest," someone calls out, "Hey! Who're you calling dim?" On closer inspection, it is Nori on the far right of the shot who is saying that. So he has at least two lines.

He also growls at the Elves when they circle the Dwarves on horseback in Rivendell, and he also growls at the goblins in Goblintown after Gandalf tells them to take up arms and fight. Quite a scrappy fellow, indeed. I think he tosses Orcrist to Thorin so he can fend off the Great Goblin (unfortunately, we've all started to call him the Goblin King... *head bang*). He also seems to lose his stick in Goblintown and picks up a goblin saber or something.

No, I didn't notice most of this on my own (I did notice that he said, "Who're you calling dim?" all on my own, though), but I saw the lists of Geeky Observations on TheOneRing.net and made a small list of my own of things to look for when I watch the movie. I've still got one thing left on my list of stuff to look for- apparently in the aftermath of the Stone Giants Bifur can be seen signing to the other Dwarves in iglishmek, or the Dwarven sign language. Usually I'm too focused on Bofur's expression there and the fact that Thorin calls out, "Kili!" instead of "Fili!" (lol, even their uncle can't keep them straight).

Must. Share. Pic. Of. Bofur's. Hilarious. Face.

Bofur, you okay?
All right, now that I've shared that picture and derailed this post, I might as well add something funny I saw related to it...

Toasters are evil. Actually, we don't even have a toaster. We have a toaster oven. I rarely use it. However, that does remind me, I ate five hours ago and now I am hungry again... Hmm... And I really don't want/need the remainders of Easter candy...

Maybe I'll go looking for sausages. Unless Nori has stolen them all. Then I'll hunt down Bofur, because he will have stolen them from Nori. And I'm sure Ridiculously Lovely Bofur will be nice enough to share sausages with me. :)

In Pace Christi,


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