Monday, April 1, 2013

More LOTR Pics (And the Return of Bofur Optimism)

I apologize profusely to the non-existent people who care about the Bofur Optimism meme that I have not been posting it of late. I have made memes of it; I just haven't shared them.

Without further ado, that shall be amended!

I have moved on from just Bofur memes, though. I decided to do one with Aragorn as King Elessar and call it the 'Hope' meme. However, I only have two of those so I had better keep my run with Bofur going until I run out of ideas and get some ideas for the Hope meme.

I mean, what other guy in Middle-Earth could possibly be more appropriate for a 'Hope' meme than the man whose name as a child was Estel, or Elvish for 'hope'?

Oh, and, "All's well as ends better!" is a quote from LOTR, from near the end of the book after the Scouring of the Shire. I believe the Gaffer says it. The Gaffer is so quotable- at least, Sam quotes him all the time!

Okay, now for some less serious pictures...

HAHAHAHAHA... I don't know why, but this picture makes me cackle insanely every time I see it! Just saying the words, "A flock of Smeagols," makes me giggle. Just all the little Gollum heads with wings...

It reminds me of cherubs! It's hilarious how cherubs are always depicted in art as little chubby naked baby angels with tiny wings when the Cherubim are the warrior angels in the Bible. Therefore, I always note this inconsistency to my family whenever I can on sheer principles (I also dislike the fact that the babies are always naked, INCLUDING baby Jesus, for whatever reason... o.O). It's even worse when the cherubs don't even have bodies and are just heads with wings surrounded with clouds and stuff...

Good gracious, I got to talking about fat naked baby angels from a Gollum picture. That says something about the convoluted and truly scary pathways of my mind right there. Just warnin' you all.

Screencaps of Boromir, oops, I mean Sean Bean from Game of Thrones. I think it's pretty safe to say that whatever character he's playing (probably something to do with the House of Winter or whoever else is coming) is going to die. Because Sean Bean always dies. Unless he's Zeus, and then he can live throughout the whole movie.

Sean-Bean-as-Zeus and the line, "I can't pee with her watching me!" were the only redeeming moments of The Lightning Thief movie. Seriously, don't watch it. It was terrible. The producers/directors/other bigwigs apparently Didn't Even Care. And now they're coming out with the sequel, and I have NO IDEA what they're going to do with it. I mean, the villain for the PJATO series is Kronos, introducted at the end of The Lightning Thief, and they cut him out in the movie to make Hades the Big Bad. (Have I mentioned that Hades is my favorite of the Olympians? For going to great lengths to protect his kids and also for being like the ONLY FAITHFUL OLYMPIAN to his wife in the original mythology.)

Stupid Hollywood.

Wellywood does it so much better.

I think this is one of the Oakentoons by PeckishOwl on Deviantart. If not, it sure looks like her/his work...

I like Thorin's glare and, "No." Looks like he's been around Dwalin for too long... *snicker*

In Pace Christi,


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