Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And The Madness Continues

Yay! People like pictures! People like Sherlock pictures! (Okay, my sister doesn't usually get them, but I post other things that she likes, so all is well... hopefully...)

I don't know why, but I thought these two were absolutely hysterical:


And then here we have holiday!Balin, dressed up like Santa Claus... Honestly, I've already started referring to him as 'the Santa Claus Dwarf', for the benefit of those people who didn't memorize all the Dwarves' names long ago.
Thinking of which, in cal 3 today (my favorite class - we have such fun and such interesting discussions. I'm not even being sarcastic!) somehow we started talking about reading and one guy said that The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are okay, but that, "There are better science fiction writers out there."
My response? The only proper response:
Take that!
This one, however, is a bit nicer:
Yes, I do pity them, Dumbledore. They have no idea what they are missing - what great characters they could be rooting for, what great villains they would wish to see toppled, what great happy fandoms they could be rejoicing with... what great tears they could be sobbing, also, for it is part of a fangirl's lot in life to shed a few tears now and then. Sad things happen in just about every fandom.
Now this is either priceless or downright scary. Or both:
Bahahahahahaha! I can't look at it without cracking up. Basically, you can take anything and add Smeagol/Gollum and it instantly becomes 200% funnier. Someone has probably scientifically proven that. If not, they should. Put science to a worthy cause and all that.
This is NOT my art, once again; it belongs to papermachette on Tumblr (which is mysteriously not letting my lurk on it, grr).

The funny thing is, if you watch The Hobbit with subtitles you can catch a lot of what the other Dwarves are saying in the background. As Bilbo walks away from the campfire to give the bowls of stew to Fili and Kili just before the troll scene, you can hear Gloin saying something like: "That was very good stew, Bombur!" Then Nori chimes in with: "Yeah, maybe even Dori could have made it!"
Dori's reaction: "Hilarious."
Also, when Bilbo is running to catch up with the Dwarves, you can hear Dori talking about how going to meet Bilbo was useless since he would be too timid to come along with them anyway. Gloin agrees with him. Bilbo, of course, shows up at that moment.
(Humorously, you can see Gloin having a hard time with his pony at this point. Interviews with the actors also revealed that Graham McTavish, a.k.a. Dwalin, had a hard time with ponies in general. Since another movie he's in, a western, is coming out soon, the other actors were heckling him by asking him how he dealt with the horses in it. He said, deadpan, "I shot them.")
I also find it funny that the three who bet that Bilbo would show up were: Gandalf (who had the idea to bring Bilbo along in the first place), Oin (who is deaf and therefore still believes Bilbo is an expert), and Kili. Awww, that was awfully sweet of you, Kili, trusting that Bilbo would come along. Kili does seem to take a shine to Bilbo - notice he attacks the troll before any other Dwarf, and is very concerned for him when the trolls threaten to rip his arms off.
Oh, and my response to the Bilbo Adventure Time thing is this:
Done by lissinator on Tumblr. She does wonderful art (including a lot of genderbending Dwarves, which I don't mind near so much as slash - in fact, it can be pretty funny and/or awesome under the right circumstances), so go check it out. Yes, I'm too lazy to put in a link at the moment.
I've always said that, based on the number of times they repeat, "We are the fighting Uruk-hai!" in the book, they should have some sort of song and dance routine to go along with it...
In Pace Christi,

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  1. Loving these Sherlock pictures! Hehe. Did I tell you I am currently reading The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings is my summer reading project?