Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Catholic Memes Does It Again

Whoever runs that blog, I love them. So much.

That is pretty much me. And then I have to show it to my family and post it on my blog. I'm such a good big sister that way.

Benedicamus Domino means 'Bless the Lord', for your information. Hilaire Belloc wrote a lot of good books (he was good friends with G. K. Chesterton), but unfortunately his books, while excellently written, extensively researched, and highly informative, can be a little dry. GKC has much more interesting prose. They're kind of like Tolkien and Lewis in that regard - Tolkien being the spiritual successor of GKC and C. S. Lewis the Anglican spiritual successor of Belloc.

You would have had so much more fun with us, C. S. Lewis...

You tell them, Pope Francis. Oh, and it's just Pope Francis. It won't be Pope Francis I until there is a Pope Francis II. *headbang*

'The Philosopher' was how St. Thomas Aquinas typically referred to Aristotle, sort of how we Ringers refer to J. R. R. Tolkien simply as 'the Professor'. It's a term of affection and respect.

Aw, I used to love that game! However, once you got older than the average age of the kids playing, they didn't want you to come over anymore... They knew you'd break through! So instead you got stuck fending off the little tykes.

Swiss Guards versus the cardinalate... I wouldn't take bets on this one.

In Pace Christi,


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