Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sherlock Explains The Weather

And also ruins a childhood song forever...

I felt the need to post this, since I found a treasure trove of Sherlock stuff on Pinterest the other day and also since it was raining today down here. Quite heavily, too. At least it never got worse than some thunder and lightning, for which I am heartily grateful. I am also grateful that the thunder and lightning held off until I got home. Yay!

In other news... yeah. Sherlock looks amazing. I haven't seen any of the episodes, but I've heard it can ruin your life. That's okay. My life has already been eaten by numerous fandoms, so it's not like I have a social life to ruin or anything. And, yeah... Martin Freeman. Made of jam, kittens, and rage. He is also a hedgehog.

I spend way too much time on Tumblr.

I would also like to state that I can definitely see Benedict Cumberbatch mo-capping (motion capture) for Smaug in The Hobbit. I have high expectations. He just looks sort of dragon-y. Don't really know why (he doesn't exactly fit the description of Dragons in my own fantasy world), but when someone else made the observation I had to agree with them.

Of course, the fact that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are both in The Hobbit in some form or another has let to an... interesting... collision of fandoms. I introduce to you... Smauglock.

My work here is done. Cheers.

In Pace Christi,


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