Thursday, April 18, 2013

Catholic Memes Are The Best Memes

We do, after all, have a good sense of humor. To prove this point, I shall share with you a few more selections from one of my favorite websites, Catholic Memes.

First off, because I know my sister likes watching cooking shows, I shall start with these two. (I don't know what show they are from; she might be able to tell me. I, obviously, do not watch cooking shows. I also don't cook much. However, I do most of the washing up afterwards. Considering reality TV, sooner or later there will be a show about washing dishes.)

Although there is the tricky question of how you are able to eat soup when you are yourself a pillar of salt... but the point remains.

The pencil or whatever it is behind the guy's ear is a nice touch, as I do that sometimes myself. (I have also been known to forget that my pencil was there and start looking for it. I have a bad habit of losing my pencil and then searching everywhere frantically for it. Usually I find it, but not always...)

And then there is this one. I am not a huge fan of live chickens, as they are incredibly stupid and vicious creatures, as I know from experience. (Their heads are simply too small for any significant brain processes to occur. It doesn't help that most of their heads are occupied by their big alien eyes. And anyone who has been around chickens knows that there is a definite 'pecking order' and that chickens will happily kill any member of their flock who is doing poorly.)

I am, however, a huge fan of chickens as food.

This one was so funny, I had to save it. I wonder if the chicken actually strolled by the KFC (in which case, this has got to be a small town or at least somewhere with yards for people to keep backyard chickens), or if it was photoshopped. Even if it was photoshopped, it's still funny.

In Pace Christi,


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