Thursday, April 11, 2013


Look, I don't have a Twitter account. But there is currently a war going on amongst the Twitter people for the MTV movie awards for "Best Hero". Iron Man, Batman, the Hulk, and Catwoman were all left in the dust long ago; it is down to a duel between Bilbo and Snow White from Snow White and the Huntsman.

In other words, it's nerds vs. Twihards.

We Ringers are summoning everyone we know to join us in the quest to defeat the fans of Kristen Stewart. We choose you, bronies, Sherlockians, Whovians, Game of Thrones peeps! Gondor calls for aid! Will you answer?
The wonderful Emil Johansson at has build a webpage to track the race between Bilbo and K Stew. They are literally neck and neck, and already up to 850,000 votes each.

I don't have a Twitter account, but, if any of you do, please, please, please #VoteBilbo! Multiple times!

Currently, Bilbo is getting only 105 votes per minute, while Snow White is getting 190. This cannot be borne!


In Pace Christi,


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