Saturday, November 3, 2012


*sob* It's so horrible, I can barely talk about it. But I found a countdown widget for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey to put on my blog, and STUPID BLOGGER WON'T TAKE IT!!!

It's such a tragedy. *sob* I shall now have go console myself with watching both trailers (the latter with its five alternate endings) and the three TV spots, even if I've only found the third with Spanish subtitles.

Man.... I do have Hobbit fever, don't I. That would explain why I am spending hours lurking on, hoping for some new little tidbit I can seize upon and tell my family about. I've already memorized the actors' names of all the dwarves (seriously, I have... the last one I learned was Oin, for whatever reason. Poor Oin).

AND I WOULD HAVE THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO DISPLAY MY LOVE FOR EVERYTHIING TOLKIEN, BUT STUPID BLOGGER WON'T LET ME PUT UP THE COUNTDOWN! It cited 'illegal characters' or something like that. Apparently, / ^ < >, etc., count as 'illegal characters', and while they work perfectly fine on the web, it won't work in putting in a widget. I hate Blogger. I used to not see any problem with it, but now it has become my enemy. It has taken the Precious from me.

Thief! Thief! We hates it, we hates it forever!

In Pace Christi,


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