Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm not sure exactly what Peter Jackson was thinking with the bit of orc axehead embedded in Bifur's head. (It apparently makes him only speak in Dwarvish. ???) However, I shall still trust in Peter Jackson, who is rapidly gaining a lot of respect in the cinematic world that was formerly accorded to George Lucas, who has earned the undying ire of his fans by betraying them in selling Lucasfilms to Disney Of All Companies.

The first thing, actually, that struck me about Bifur is the multicolored arrangement of his beard and mustache. The actors of The Hobbit are predicting that beards will come back in style; if they don't, it won't be for their lack of trying. The Dwarves all look very cool, and fans who bewail Fili and Kili's comparative lack of beards should just be quiet. They still look very Dwarvishly cool.

So now we know who we're going to have as president for the next four years. I'm not really surprised. I am also not surprised at learning of voter fraud yesterday. Apparently, some lady who works for ACORN was helping UNA students register to vote, but held back the registration forms for Republican-oriented voters. So they went to the polls yesterday and couldn't vote.

SHAME ON THEM! This should really be publicized more. In addition to more Hobbit coverage.

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