Monday, November 19, 2012

Kili In All HIS Honor And Glory

A few days ago, as my faithful readers (haha) may have noticed, I posted for my Hobbit Picture of the Day Fili, the young blond dwarf, and added two more pictures of him for whatever reasons of my own.

Well, today we have here his younger sibling Kili! Kili is the youngest of the dwarves in The Hobbit, and in the movie he actually resembles his uncle, Thorin Oakenshield. The three of them- Thorin, Fili, and Kili- have become known among the international online Tolkien community as 'the hot dwarves' (no exaggeration) and Kili probably demonstrates the most as to why that is so. The other half of the online community just bewails his lack of a beard. My opinion: He looks great, so hush and enjoy the movie. What else did you expect a young dwarf to look like?

Based on the way Fili and Kili are shown prominently in advertising art for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, I will predict that they will have a significant part in the movie. (It is equally likely that Peter Jackson is banking on all the idiot fangirls going to see the movie just because they saw posters of said 'hot dwarves'. Yes, I'm cynical.) Based on the way Bofur seems to have gravitated to the front of many group shots despite (I think) not having any speaking lines in the books, he will be important, too. However, he has a cool hat and an adorkable smile, and so I shall not complain.

Since I am in a Kili mood (today is Kili Day on my blog!), I am going to gratuitously post more pictures of him, just as I did with Kili. Why not? It also helps that I'm listening to, "Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold," from the trailer as I type this...

This is the picture that started it all with the 'hot dwarves' concept. I suppose you can see for yourself why that is so. Some people have accused him of looking too Elvish. I never really saw that. I actually saw that with Fili, due to not having read the book in a while and thus not remembering that he (and Kili, incidentally) are actually supposed to be blond. So when I saw his picture (entirely by accident... I was roaming through Thain's Book over a year and a half ago looking for updates on Silmarillion stuff when I happened to click on the Dwarf page. I was astonished to find dwarf pictures from The Hobbit and quickly scrolled down the page for more), I went, "WHOA, he looks like an Elf!"
When I got to Kili, on the other hand, I just flat-out stopped and said to myself (it was the picture above- not the one at the top of the post, but the second one), "That is not a Dwarf. That is a Gondorian. There is no way that can be a Dwarf."
For bonus points, here is another picture:
The detail I appreciate the most about Kili's outfit is the glove on his right hand. Kili shoots a bow in the first trailer (and you can see him carrying it or shooting it in various trailers and promotional material). While Legolas went through three movies without any protection on his hands, Kili gets this three-fingered glove that would actually provide some protection against the bowstring. (I know this from real life, yes.)
For even MORE bonus points, here's a picture of Fili and Kili together:
"At your service!" XD
Hmm... Kili looks taller. Must be the Longbeard genes. Maybe my theory of Fili taking after his dad is true, after all...

In UNA news, never was the cancellation of a class greeted with greater rejoicing than that of COM 201-HO1 today. I happened to be the bearer of the glad tidings of great joy, since I was the one who actually noticed the sign next to the door. Cue rejoicing in the lobby of the com building and Jacob giving me a hug because, he said, he otherwise would have gone and sat in the classroom for an hour. XD It's nice to spread some good news around. I also got to spread it to Savannah, Kennedy, and Trey.

"Class is cancelled!" *thumbs up* "Yay!"

"Class is cancelled!" "Yay!"

"Class is cancelled!" "Awesome!"

Repeat ad infinitum.

The only annoying part is that I have to do research for my persuasive speech now. Well, it ain't happening tonight. I might start studying for my geography quiz, because I actually like geography and care about that class. Speech... not so much.

In other UNA news, I learned today that there is a projection room for the Wesleyan auditorium. I know that because I had to take a test there today, for lack of empty classrooms and empty offices.

In Pace Christi,


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