Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

This here is Ori, the younger brother of Dori and Nori. Thank you forever, Professor Tolkien, for giving Dwarf siblings rhyming names. It really does help in learning names and relationships.

Ori is the Dwarf geek. No exaggeration. He's the skinny one whom Dori is always looking out for, who is always scribbling away in his diary, who still has the purple ribbons his mother tied in his hair, and who is so polite. His beard, though, reminds me of Mr. Tumnus... His LEGO minifigure has the same shape hair piece as Lloyd Garmadon, which I find hilarious. It's the stupid bowl cut.

So, if you like geeks and knitted mittens, Ori's your man! Or Dwarf.

Yes, I'm referencing the production vlog #3. Go watch it. It's one of the best ones.

Oh, and I am posting this a day early for Thanksgiving, since tomorrow I shall almost certainly be too busy, going to Mass, running to one uncle's house for lunch, then running to another uncle's house for supper... yeah. I love it, though. I love all of my family. I love seeing my relatives. It's always great fun.

Few things make me sadder than families that don't get along or are separated for some reason.

In Pace Christi,


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