Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fili In All His Honor And Glory

I feel very sorry for Dean O'Gorman. Once The Hobbit hits theaters, he's going to have legions of mindless, obsessed fangirls who will stalk him for his portrayal of Fili just as much as they did Orlando Bloom for Legolas.
Anyway, so this is Fili, the older of the two nephews of Thorin in The Hobbit, despite what it actually says in the book. Personal theory: Fili takes after his dad, since Kili looks like Thorin and they are related to Thorin via their mother. Betcha didn't expect a blond Dwarf! And a hot one, too... No, I didn't coin that term. However, Thorin, Fili, and Kili are now known collectively as the 'hot dwarves' across the globe. I am not kidding. I have seen the term on several fan websites by now. Which leads back to my sympathy for Dean O.
As to the title of this post, my brother has decided to start saying, for reasons of his own, "Fili in all his honor and glory," whenever Fili or Kili is brought up. It's become sort of a household meme, you might say.
I feel like posting a bunch of pictures, and I have more than enough from all the lurking I've done on various Tolkien websites, so here's another for absolutely no reason at all.
Oh, what the heck. I'll add another.
In my defense of what seems like shameless Fili-ogling on my part (because it isn't), I liked Fili and Kili long BEFORE any images from the upcoming movie came out. I have stated this before. In the book, Fili and Kili are the two cheerful, helpful Dwarves always running around with Bilbo and Balin and being sent to do stuff the older Dwarves didn't want to do. But they never complain. You just can't help but like Fili and Kili. So I actually like Fili and Kili for their characters, and not for their actors' appearances. Although the latter is a bonus, you might say.
As long as Peter Jackson keeps Fili and Kili's characterization right in the movie (and I do hope he does... there is a rumor about some craziness he may attempt with Kili... *groan*), they shall remain my favorite characters, tied for first place. Bilbo will come in second. Of course, once I see the movie, that may all change. I am predicting that Bofur shall be pretty funny and that I shall like him as well. What's not to like about Bofur? He has a nice hat and the most charming, adorkable smile ever.
Of course, who's to say that I won't decide that the fangirls are too much and I shall switch my loyalties to some unappreciated character, as I have done with Eomer in LOTR.
In Pace Christi,

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