Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Am Beyond Officially Hobbit-Obsessed

I have spent several frustrating minutes trying to find out how I managed to find on Blogger's confusing layout how to set an image as my background. As you may surmise, I intended to put a very nice Hobbit poster as the background. The only problem was, at that time I had not found a Hobbit image with enough pixels to serve as one grand background, so Blogger took my smaller picture with its smaller amount of pixels and multiplied it across the screen until it looked like a kaleidoscope. Not what I wanted.

Now that I think I have found an image with enough pixels, I cannot find where I had gotten to on Blogger to even add such a background, which is annoying. I had really wanted to stick Gandalf with his hat and stick walking through the Shire in the background. It would have been really nice.

However, Blogger is evil, and the Precious is once again lost. At least I'm not being as melodramatic about it this time.

My very own version of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey countdown has made me do an astonishing amount of blogging, however. I'm not the only one, though. Today I stumbled across someone's blog on Tumblr, and they (I think) seriously had a crush on Fili. Or his actor, Dean O'Gorman. I'm not really sure which, and it didn't seem to matter to the Tumblr blogger. Both, perhaps. Fans can be terrifying...

Don't worry, I'll get posters of Fili and Kili up soon. Actually, I intended to put Balin up today instead of Bifur, since I was going to start going in alphabetical order. Oops. Anyway, I'll put up Balin tomorrow, unless I forget. I'll have to try to get some sort of commentary on each poster, too. There's a very nice poster of Galadriel, for bonus points. Was not expecting that. She appears to be holding her Phial. Hmm. Where's the Elrond poster? He's cool (especially in armor) and is actually in the book...

Oh, and a note on Bifur, since I forgot: you'd think he would be the brother of Bofur. However, it is Bofur and Bombur that are brothers, and Bifur is their cousin. Go figure.

In Pace Christi,


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