Saturday, November 10, 2012

I know it's late, but I got a picture up today! There will be no picture tomorrow, as we do not turn on our computers on Sunday in my family. Sundays are a day to rest, and I have never met someone who could tell me that computers are restful.

Anyway, here's Bombur! He will probably be known to most casual moviegoers as "the fat Dwarf", which sums him up fairly well. He is, indeed, fat and there are many jokes made at his expense in the book. He is the brother of Bofur and the cousin of Bifur. Apparently, he is the only other married Dwarf other than Gloin. I'm not sure if they made that fact up for the movie or if it's listed in some of Tolkien's background material.

Here Bombur looks unusually contemplative. Not sure why. Perhaps he is thinking of his next meal.

In other Hobbit news, tickets for the first showings of the movie have already gone on sale. Here's where the hilarious part comes in. The movie doesn't open for over a month, mind you, and already its ticket sales have flattened both Skyfall and Breaking Dawn: Part Two. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey earned 33% of ticket sales this week, with James Bond at 31% and Twilight at 28%. I find this immensely amusing. However, it is also worrying. I may not be able to see The Hobbit until next year!

Oh noes!

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