Thursday, November 15, 2012

As you can see, today's Hobbit poster is decidedly not of a dwarf, but rather of the Lady of Lothlorien, Galadriel. She is not actually in The Hobbit itself, but they're sticking her in the movie to help explain the parts about the White Council (i.e., what Gandalf gets up to while he leaves the dwarves to fend for themselves).

This is all part of an effort to have female characters in the movie, since there are absolutely none in the book. The only named female character in the book is Belladonna Baggins, Bilbo's mother. Not that I had even considered the lack of female characters before it was pointed out to me, mind you. I'm not the sort who needs women protagonists to like a story. I like good characters, that's it. I'd like to side with Christian, who said in literature a few days ago that he was tired of all this feminism stuff. I'm tired of it, too! I've only done a few of my reading responses from a feministic point of view because I could think of something to write for them.


The other day, I saw a dude on campus with a Charmander hat. Seriously, Charmander, Pokemon #4, which evolves into Charmeleon and then into Charizard. Yes, I remember all this. I am sad. Either that, though, or he had an orange octopus hat with green eyes.

The other day I was looking at other people's blogs in the honors program. Most are passably up to date- none, of course, have embraced their inner blogger to the extent that I have. Some, however, are weeks or even months behind. My next words are addressed to said culprits: IT'S ONE OR TWO PARAGRAPHS A WEEK FOR AN EASY A! GET ON WITH IT!


I would also like to motivate them with the words of our esteemed honors program director:

Reading over your blogs I am seeing some great and interesting responses to our speakers. I'm also seeing interesting reflections on the other things going on in your lives right now and naturally there are a lot of things going on in your lives right now. So jolly good.
Some of the other blogs are still not so hot. Need some hotness there. Failing Forum means no scholarship for the spring and repeating Forum next fall. Q. How cool would that be? In a class with the new Honors students. A. Not cool. And that's the best case scenario.
So, to whom it may concern, get with the program, which in this case is the Honors Program. If you are absent from class for any reason, aliens abducted you, whatever, it's still your responsibility to research our speaker and the topic addressed so that you can write intelligently about it. Yo!


This is an email he sent out last year on October 22nd. Yes, I kept the email, simply because I thought it was hilarious. I am posting it in an attempt to get everyone else to do your homework. Yes, I am "that person". I am the person who in computer class today, who when everyone began logging on to Facebook because ANGEl was down and they 'couldn't get to the Access tutorials' said, "Hey, you can just google it..." And promptly 2/3 of the class turned around to shush me. I am the only person on campus who wants to do my homework, methinks...

And yes, concerning the above copied e-mail, you had better be careful what you say or send to me. You just never know when I might resurrect it to haunt you.

In Pace Christi,


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