Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Who Else Feels Better After Some Random Pictures?

I do. It helps. De-stressing in non-destructive ways is a good thing. I am a firm believer in humor as a de-stressing technique. Funny pictures constitute humor. Therefore, funny pictures are a good de-stressing technique.

There. My logic is infallible. XD

Let's start with some squirrels.

I wish I had that teacher.
Actually, I did have two chemistry teachers my second semester who were that awesome. (To demonstrate, the Friday before spring break, when about 12 out of the 72 people in the class showed up, my teacher for lecture took us outside to the courtyard and we SET BALLOONS ON FIRE.) In fact, their combined awesomeness is pretty much the reason why I changed my major to chemistry.
Of course, I do not have either of them now. :( And one of them is retiring after this year. His awesomeness shall be deeply missed.
Tony Stark/Iron Man would also make an awesome teacher, although I'm not sure what exactly we would be learning or how much of it we would learn. I doubt we would become experts in thermonuclear astrophysics overnight. But perhaps we could take a few basic classes, like Electronics 101, Building Power Suits In Caves Out Of Scraps 201, and Sarcastic One-Liners 211.
And awesomeness would be had by all.
Why, yes, I do think so.
Is this proof that software designers actually do have a sense of humor, buried deep underneath the strata of sadism that compels them to design computers the way they do? Perhaps we shall never know for sure.
Why, yes, I rather think so again.
Once more, ladies and gentlemen: why, yes, I rather think so.
Now this is a teacher with a sense of humor. Gotta love those teachers. They're always my favorites, even when they go an assign a huge paper for you to work on while you're trying to study other subjects for tests and the like...
Creative nutritional label!
I would be worried. Very worried. In fact, I might not get on the plane at all.
This is very true. The desks that you have to swivel up and over to write on them are especially annoying, particuarly when they have different mechanisms from building to building. You couldn't just buy one type of this desk?
Oops is right.
Finally got one of 'em! They've been scurrying around all day!
Every store and office needs this sign!! XD
And now we know how raisins are made. The little men - ant-men? miniature gnomes? What are we to call this diminutive folk? - take out their equally tiny compressors and squeze all the uice out of the grapes. Where the juice goes, I do not know. Perhaps they siphon it away to feed their dying civilization underneath the counter? Perhaps they are merely paid to do this?
It is fascinating to consider the possibilities.
Well, there are. Sort of. It's just they don't apply all the time, so they might as well not even exist.
And don't even get me started on our alphabet or our spelling. It's atrocious. I'm really glad English is my native language because I would never want to learn it otherwise!!!!
Oh, yikes. Do people think toilets are magical garbage disposal units and that they can just flush everything down it with no ill effect? The mind boggles...
I pity those poor plumbers who had to deal with this stuff!
In Pace Christi,

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