Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh, No - I Found Star Trek Pictures!

Time for another fandom to invade my blog!

Firstly, I'd like to admit that I can't decide if I like Spock or McCoy better. I mean, how do you choose? Logic has its appeal... but on the other side you have Karl Urban. I mean...

*cue Gollum voice* "That's not fair."

That reminds me. I need to revise my list of things to do when I finally get to sit down and watch the reboot (Amy... I'm counting on you...). (1) Cheer every time McCoy is on screen. (2) Count the number of times Spock says the word 'logic' or any derivative thereof. (3) Count all the lens flares! (4) Squee over Chekov's cuteness. Because, "I can do zat!" is the most adorable thing of all time.

Yes, I found that clip. Let me see if I can find it again...

Adorable. Adorkable, yes, maybe. But mostly adorable. You just want to squeeze him and pat him on the head and take him home with you.

Um... I think it's actually technically spelled 'Khan', but we'll let it slide this time...

This will never not be funny.

Look! It's both Kirks!

I sense an epic crossover fanfic in the making...

It's good to see that they have that whole condescending Vulcan eyebrow thing down to a science, isn't it? XD
I need to stop picking up fandoms. I have enough as it is. They're eating up my life. Time to find something to do slightly more constructive...
In Pace Christi,

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