Wednesday, September 4, 2013

MORE Pictures!

I'm guessing this roadwork was done in Gotham, and that somebody was looking for Batman to save the day. How this would be more visible than a sign up in the sky, I'm not sure. And while we're on the subject, what do they do when they need Batman and the night sky is not cloudy? Or what happens if they need him during the daytime?
Comic book writers. Their stuff is as full of plotholes as Swiss cheese.

Refrigerators... no longer just stainless steel - they now come in carbonite!! Order now, and get the exclusive Jabba Snack Dish for free!

I am still laughing hysterically over this one, and it's the third or fourth time I've looked at it! Poop on their cats... lol.

I would dub this a hilarious case of 'following the letter of the law, not the spirit'. However, the bathroom was cleaned very well, I must say. The paper flag and the note of, "WELCOME TO AMERICA - enjoy your stay!" are especially nice touches. Harry Potter on the toilet seals it. Lol.

Couch art. Now, that is a new concept. I have written on couches myself, but never to this extent. This is actually some seriously good art. How on earth was it drawn? I don't think you can get that kind of precision with just your finger.

Even so... that is a really good Gandalf. It's just amazing how it could be managed on that kind of material. The injuction on the seat cushion takes the cake, though. "You shall not sit." That meme is up there with, "One does not simply..."  Everyone knows of it (or should) by now.

That would be something awesome to try sometime. I can just picture the reactions of the other people in the store... or the headlines in the paper the next morning, lol.

Now this is one piece of fandom merchandise I do not require. However, it is very clever and seems to be quite well-crafted. It's amazing the things you can get with a Middle-earth theme to them nowadays... which I am not complaining about at all!

I'm fairly sure this wins an award for the most awesome nursery of all time. Just sayin'.

S'mores. WIN.

I've never even heard of or seen 'pppp' in musical notation before! Gah! And how can you do a tremolo with only one note? I'm assuming this is not for piano... Even so, what do you call 'pppp'? 'p' is piano, since that's Italian for 'softly' or 'quietly', and 'pp' is pianissimo, and 'ppp' is pianississimo, or something like that, so does that meant that 'pppp' is pianissississimo?


Must remember to bring this up with my music teacher tomorrow.

In Pace Christi,



  1. These are so so so awesome! I love the Doctor Who references... :D

    And my Dad seriously just printed out the Han Solo fridge picture when he was at work at brought it home for me...weird...and awesome. xD

    As for the store/paper towel gag...I swear I am going to do that next time I am out. Oh yes. Oh yes.

    This makes me happy.


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