Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm Officially A Trekkie Now

I blame you, Amy. I blame you so much.

So I watched The Wrath of Khan Monday night. I am not at all ashamed to admit that I cried a bit at the end. My goodness... right to the feels. If Blogger would load gifs (it hasn't been doing so for me lately), I would put up the gif of Pippin crying that says: # WHY WAS I GIVEN EMOTIONS

Because that's how I felt. Gah.

In the meanwhile, I found a cool video in honor of Leonard McCoy. The jury's still out on whether I like Spock or McCoy better - Spock is logical and has pointed ears (c'mon, all fangirls love pointed ears) and McCoy is Southern and no-nonsense. McCoy is also Eomer in the reboot, which only ups the awesomeness factor 1000x.

One bad word, just to warn you. On the plus side, it has the lyrics, which are always helpful in learning a new song. This one has a really catchy beat.

I still blame you, Amy.

And, to further show you what I've been up to, here are the bloopers from Star Trek 2009 (as the fans have sort of taken to calling it). I have learned a few things from it: (1) Zachary Quinto appears to have flubbed his lines a lot. (2) There was a lot of dancing on set. (3) J. J. Abrams apparently plays the drums on his microphone. (4) Karl Urban is still awesome.

In Pace Christi,


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