Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stuff I Do In My Spare Time

...For instance, I make memes.

I have learned that (duh) I can do the simplest of edits on Paint (although I loathe that program) to some of my Middle-earth pictures, and thus create memes! Here is what I have come up with all by myself (sort of) today. And they are not all Middle-earth.

So, yeah, congratulations to me for figuring out how to capture an image, load it on Paint, and add text. I'm so accomplished. I can even embroider cushions.
(Sorry, watched the newest Pride and Prejudice last night. The embroidered cushions bit and what defines an accomplished lady never fails to amuse me. Mr. Bingley is so adorkable in that scene. In fact, he is adorkable in EVERY scene he is in.)
I'm not going to say that no one can use these memes I made because (1) I recognize that they are on the Internet and someone will do it regardless and (2) I don't own the images to begin with. I just scribbled on them. If you want to take advantage of my terrible editing skills I say (1) sure, go right ahead and (2) I feel sorry for you.
In Pace Christi,

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