Friday, March 1, 2013

Here We Go Again

All right. Dr. Brewton demonstrated how to make an image a link in class Thursday. I'm going to try thiss again, even though, worringly, the little chain symbol is not appearing in the toolbar above the text box I am currently writing in.

SEE? This is why I want to kill Google!

Now, to pick a picture to mangle again...

That's just copying the picture and pasting it.

Look! It's a caption!

This is uploading it from a URL. I like how it centered it for me. Clever Blogger, to paste so nicely! (I'm paraphrasing Gollum, by the way: "Clever hobbitses, to climb so high!"

Of course, I could save the picture to my computer and then upload it to the blog. I have proven very capable of doing that. I do it all the time.

I don't do Picasa Web Albums, the picture isn't on my webcam, and my phone is useless in this situation because it's not smart. All it does is ring and text and take pictures occasionally. It's not (gasp!) an iPhone. It can't do these things. I can't check my e-mail or google stuff on it. It still has buttons, not a touch screen, for goodness's sakes! Which I am infinitely grateful for, because my big, clumsy fingers have PROBLEMS with touch screens. Hey, I couldn't even learn to play the guitar because my fingers were too big for the fretboard. I hit too many strings at once.

So. What do I try now?

Okay. I try clicking on the centered picture above ("Look! It's a caption!" - I think I am so snarky), then clicking "Link" in the toolbar, and sticking in the address for Heirs of Durin.

Now, I shall save this post, and see if it worked.

In Pace Christi,


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