Friday, March 22, 2013


I was afraid to look up Green Lantern: The Animated Series for a week or so to find out how the series ended (WHY was it cancelled?? It was seriously amazing!!), since I was so sure that both Aya and Razer were doomed.


But I finally did it. I looked it up. Then I found the episode on YouTube and watched it. Come to think of it, I probably should have watched the episode first and then read the recap, but it probably would have just made me sob even harder.

So, yeah. Aya goes back in time to the moment of the creation of the universe (and I don't care if that's officially the DC Hand of Creation. I reject their reality and substitute my own! That was the Hand of God starting the Big Bang. You cannot convince me otherwise) in order to ensure that the universe will never be able to support organic life. Hal tries talking her out of it, with no success, and ends up calling in Razer to kill her. Razer can't bring himself to do it, though, and when Aya reflexively attacks him and fatally wounds him, that snaps her out of her all-organic-life-must-die funk. So they race back through the portal and she heals him- and, yay, she turned all green and white again!- and it's not sappy at all because it is so BEAUTIFUL, and she downloads a virus in all the Manhunters to kill them but she takes herself with them and collapses into energy in Razer's arms.



Hal and Kilowog try convincing Razer that Aya is gone, but he refuses to believe it. He tells them goodbye (and he actually shakes their hands! This is Razer who didn't understand the meaning of that gesture in episode 4!) and actually acknowledges them as his friends. It's so BEAUTIFUL! And then he flies off into the stars... and just when you think that is the last image of the show, a Blue Lantern ring appears and zooms off after him.


However, I also wanted to do a little dance and point at the computer and say, "HA! I guessed that from the very beginning!" Because I did. People's Wild Mass Guessing on TVTropes did not influence me at all. Someone even speculated that he would be the first Star Sapphire. O.o I mean, really...

I mean, they overlooked the most important reason of all! Razer's eyes were blue. I mean, duh. I saw it coming a mile off. But that doesn't make it one whit less beautiful. Even more awesome: his voice actor posted a clip on YouTube of him doing the Blue Lantern oath in Razer's voice.


And so I had to make a Bofur Optimism meme in honor of the demise of GL:TAS.

Of course, now is the perfect moment to illustrate the difference between the comic book fandoms and the Tolkien fandom. To the comic book people, I would probably be a poser.

I found this on Tumblr, a while back:

NEW MARVEL FANS: Hi, I'm new here.
OLD MARVEL FANS: Wow, you must be a poser, then.
NEW TOLKIEN FANS: Hi, I'm new here.
OLD TOLKIEN FANS: You're one of us now. You can't turn back.
NEW MARVEL FANS: Wow, these actors sure are hot.
OLD MARVEL FANS: You're only here for the hot guys, you must be a poser.
NEW TOLKIEN FANS: Wow, these actors sure are hot.
OLD TOLKIEN FANTS: Now you've got the right idea.
NEW MARVEL FANS: I didn't read the comics.
NEW TOLKIEN FANS: I didn't read the books.
OLD TOLKIEN FANS: It's okay. Some people just don't have time for that, but you should try it one day.
NEW MARVEL FANS: I am going to make a cosplay.
OLD MARVEL FANS: You just want attention.
NEW TOLKIEN FANS: I am going to make a cosplay.
OLD TOLKIEN FANS: Oh, we don't cosplay in this fandom. We embrace our true forms.

'Nuff said.

In Pace Christi,


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