Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day!

Pi, as in, you know, 3.1415926 or something like that. An irrational number, its digits receding indefinitely into the distance. Today is March (3) the 14th, so Happy Pi Day! XD It's a typically nerdy thing to celebrate.

To celebrate Pi Day, my brother is making a pie. An apple pie. I helped peel the apples, which is kind of funny since we are both bad with peeling fruits and vegetables. I have had a very hard time learning to not peel with the knife facing away from my thumb, but I have progressed.

My sister is still faster than me. Of course, she spends the most time of any of us kids actually cooking. I tend to do the cleaning up. Which is fine by me, because I understand cleaning up. That is not to say that I do not understand cooking. I can follow recipies quite well. And I am pretty good at making brownies and cookies and stuff like that. The good stuff, in other words.

No, we're not putting 3.14 on the pie. As far as I know. But it will taste good. Very good. He has made it before and so needless to say we did not need much of an excuse to beg for an encore...

What would make it even better would be if it were an (un)expected party!

Bofur, that is not where the turkey belongs...

I saw on a thread about who would you invite to your expected party, if you could only invite nine people from Middle-earth?

Well, here's my list.

Fili and Kili. This should be obvious. I'm sure they would be lots of fun. Also, it would ensure ninja dwarves would help me do the dishes.

I would not invite Thorin. He's a party-pooper. Granted, he is majestic and regal and all that, but he is a majestic, regal party-pooper. He just has to knock on the door to send the happiest crowd into silence. So, no, not inviting him, even if he would help keep his troublesome nephews in line.

Balin. He's basically Dwarf Santa Claus. Everyone wants him as an extra grandfather. Plus, I'm sure he has baby pictures of Fili and Kili (and possibly Thorin) he could be persuaded to show. This would be vastly amusing.

Dwalin. He plays the viol/fiddle/whatever it was, and although he, to quote James Nesbitt, "goes completely mad when he parties," he'd probably be a lot of fun as well. Plus, he could help keep Fili and Kili off the tables in the absence of Thorin. After all, he babysat them; he can keep them in line.

Yes, someone asked Graham McTavish on Twitter if he had babysat Fili and Kili when they were small. His response: "Sometimes I feel like I still am!" He's great about answering fan questions. Someone also asked him what Thorin whispered to him when they arrived in Rivendell. He said: " 'We use the toilet and then we leave.'" So, naturally, this was the result...

Well, that makes four. Who else?

Bofur. Perhaps I could steal his hat, just for a moment or two so I could try it on. He could bring his whistle and there would be a re-enatment of "Blunt the Knives".

Bifur. Because the so-called 'axe Dwarf' is really sweet and does the dishes for you! I wouldn't understand a word he said since it would be all in Khuzdul, but I'd make sure there were plenty of vegetables and fruits for him, since he's vegetarian. We'd provide a beer mug so he could fill it with lettuce.

Or, if he wanted to roast his silverbeet (a legitimate New Zealand vegetable) over a campfire to get that smoky taste, I'm sure we could arrange something, as well.

So that makes six. Who else?

Well, I think Gandalf would also be a good guest. My house would not be too small for him, thus causing him to bump his head on chandeliers and door frames, and red wine could be requested. Maybe he could even be persuaded to play magic tricks with smoke rings and let off a few of his 'whizzpoppers', as Bilbo called them.

Seven! We need two more.

Ori! We shouldn't leave the adorkable baby geek dwarf out of this. Perhaps he could be persuaded to show us his sketchbook. Certainly he'd have a bit more fun without Dori constantly looking over his shoulder, insisting that he eat more greens. Nope, no Dori for me! And no Nori, because although I think he would an entertaining guest he would probably still all the silverware and sausages.

Hmm. One more. Who else?

Let's just go with Bombur. It'd be rude to invite his brother and his cousin and not him, and he could also help me cook. Of course, he'd eat most of the food himself, but since I've already listed eight dwarves... in for a penny, in for a pound, or however the saying goes. Plus, I wouldn't have to worry about eating the leftovers for a week afterward!

So that is who would come to my expected party!

*sigh* If only it were real...

I'll be waiting...

In Pace Christi,


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