Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some Random Stuff

Blogger is STILL not letting me upload any new pictures from my computer. If any of you tech-savvy people out there can explain how to do this to me, I would love to know how! There HAS to be a way, after all. I just haven't found it. It's probably something really obscure and stupid.

Anyway! Now for a series of random observations!

It has been raining for a week. UNA has flooded. The animals shall be pairing up two by two and walking into an ark any time now. The parking lots have water up to one's ankles and the hill to the math building has turned to slush. Seriously. There are mudslides. The water is carrying the benches behind the amphitheater away. Seriously. The water is carrying them away. I went past them in the morning and when I came by there again a few hours later the benches had moved. And I doubt a student would stop in the middle of the rain to move the benches onto the walkway.

Also, I apparently open doors with too much force. The door on the side of the GUC next to Lafayette keeps hitting the cigarette ash can every time I open it. Uhhh... I suppose I don't know my own strength.

For my next random observation, I would like to submit this: my friends and I have been doing a Marvel movie marathon and have finished up with The Avengers. We are very entertaining to watch a movie with since we tend to snark a lot, question things ("Movie logic!" "Superhero logic! It's the only explanation!") and generally be funny.

During the part after, "You listen well, brother..." *crash* "I'm listening..." while Iron Man and Thor are fighting, Iron Man headbutts Thor. Thor is barely dazed and headbutts Iron Man right back. This sends Iron Man flying backwards. Also, if you look closely, you can see that Iron Man's helmet is dented. That's right. Thor dented Iron Man's helmet with his own head.

Also, when Captain America shows up to break the fight, he throws his shield at them. If you look closely, it ricochets off Thor's forehead, hits Iron Man on his (already dented) helmet, and returns to Cap's hand. That's right. Thor got hit in the head with Captain America's shield and it only startled him. Didn't seriously injure him or anything.

Later, in NYC, when something is exploding with a big fiery kaboom in their faces, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Cap are all hiding underneath Cap's shield. Thor, on the other hand, just raises his arm to block the flames.

The Mighty Thor? Nah, that's not what they should call him. He should be called the Indestructible Thor! Just about nothing can damage him! He's a literal Flying Brick. They had to depower him in Thor to build the tension, and once he got his hammer (Mjolnir... which I can actually pronounce without blinking- I do believe it is Old Norse for 'lightning') back, he completely curb-stomped the Destroyer.

Yes, I am sharing links to TVTropes. Wonderful website, and a great way to research stuff or waste a few (or several) hours of your life looking up random things. As I obviously have.

In Pace Christi,


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