Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Two Days

Hello, we have survived our first two days back at UNA.

It's so nice to see that all the people who park at Darby are being transferred to the Woodmont parking lot without being informed by the bus drivers or by email. You FAIL, UNA! Did you hear that? YOU FAIL. EPICALLY. YOU FAIL FOREVER. I only knew about it because I saw it in the paper. That's right. In the Times Daily.

Just. Gah. Not. Enough. Words. To. Describe. The. Fail.

Blogger also fails, since it refuses to let me upload a gif I found of Kili rolling his eyes. I was going to use it at appropriate points in this post to express my exasperation. However, it looks like I won't be able to now. So that stinks.

Oh, and it's a really good sign when it's raining the first day of class. That morning, I greeted my sister with, "And have you noticed that, on top of everything else, it's raining?" That may very well be my favorite line from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

However, as I left the house, I made sure to tell my family: "I"M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!!!"

Sorry. I've seen The Hobbit four times and I am completely nuts.

And Wednesday was odd. Very odd. The most interesting part of the day was Calculus. There's eight people in the class (only seven showed up today... hmm...) and the teacher is Dr. Bowie. She told us that her husband's 5th great-uncle was the Jim Bowie from the Alamo. How's that for a claim to fame?

So far we've done parabolas and ellipses. This is good. I'm like a hobbit in the respect that I like things I already know, set out fair and square without a contradiction.

Then I had a break. I sat in Lafayette for an hour and read my book. I ignored everything around me. I'm good at that.

Then I had to go to the Wesleyan Annex for human geography. I wasn't exactly thrilled about going in there becauase it is the ROTC building. I guess the ROTC people won't bite, but even so... Will they order you to do ten push-ups for trespassing in their building?

It doesn't help that there are about 30 people in the class and some of the desks are literally six inches apart. COME ON NOW.

After that, I rushed over to Bibb Graves (snickering to myself as I took the three flights of stairs two at a time in my boots- take that, you sissies who want elevators!) for history. Apologies to everyone who had Dr. Makowski last semester, but I miss Dr. Bibbee. I really do. And I am severely disappointed. Dr. Makowski informed us, rather unashamedly, that they are 2/3 of a semester behind.

Lol whut. Seriously, dude. Lol whut?


I am disappointed beyond words. I really am. Olivia and I just looked at each other like, "Is this for real?"

You'd think, what with 2100 years of history to catch up before he actually starts what we're supposed to cover this semester, Dr. Makowski would jump right in, us being honors students and all, and get cracking on it. And it seemed he would at first. He was talking about the importance of the classical age and its effects upon western civilization... then he went off into a rant about why other countries hate the West, the various branches of Islam and the heresies thereof (Islam is actually itself in its origins a heresy of Christianity, believe it or not), quoted the philosopher Hobbes (who had a dim view of humanity), and shooed us out the door with a tale about the Battle of Omduram (or something like that) where Muslims died en masse.

Lol whut. Seriously, dude. Lol whut.

Olivia and I weren't really sure what it all had to do with anything. And I already knew about Sufi Muslims.

...I SO WANT to use my Kili eye roll gif right now. I really do.

Today, however, was a good day. I had calculus and literature. And lunch. Having lunch is always good. And there was ice cream when I got home. We'd forgotten it was in the freezer.

I think literature will be good once again. There are guys in the class who aren't afraid to talk (I LOVE class discussions! Even if they get a bit strange). Except we have to keep another blog. Oh, very well, another blog it is. Too bad I couldn't just lump it in with this one.

Dr. Brewton wants our blogs personalized and interactive? Well then, he'll get that... if Blogger will let me put up pictures, that is... grr...

In Pace Christi,


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