Monday, January 28, 2013

Smidgens of Glory on a Dreary Day

So today wasn't all that great a day for me. It was fine all the way through calculus and human geography. As I walked into Bibb Graves, I ran into Dr. Bibbee and Mrs. Howell.

I miss them so much, Dr. Bibbee especially. I loved his history lessons. He could discuss uncomfortable truths without being insulting or offensive. And we stayed on topic. And we weren't 2100 years behind.

I guess running into them was the universe's way of apologizing for what was about to ensue.

I just don't agree with Dr. Makowski's philosophy of people only having two kids. I am the oldest of four and I can't imagine the two youngest in my family not existing or not being wanted. Pardon me while I go cry in the corner again and hug my knees.

I love my family, okay? And I can get very defensive of them. I'm all timid and nerdy normally, fairly harmless, really, but if you insult my family or something or someone else I care about, watch out... I'll turn fiercer than a Dragon on you.

And then I had to spend three hours in the frigid depths of the language lab. I have grown to loathe that place with every fiber of my being. At the very least, I finished reading my literature assignment in there. It was excerpts from Gulliver's Travels. Why do people think that is a children's book? It is not a children's book!!! It is a satire on England and English society.

In fact, I think it's pretty safe to say that Jonathan Swift hated people. But here is not the place to rant about that right now.

The universe apologized to me later, as well. I asked the vending machine for a candy bar. It gave me two.

*cries with joy*

Also, while I was in the language lab, I checked on Sons of Durin. It was that Hobbit fanfiction I advocated so earnestly, remember? Well, it's complete now. I will ignore the Thilbo Bagginshield ending, since the whole thing was simply GLORIOUS. And now the author is going to do daily oneshots as well! *happy dance*

And it was glorious is going to become my new catchphrase, I think. Our lives need more glory in them, anyway.

I noticed in one of the student apartments the shuttle drives through in the morning that someone still has a skeleton hanging from their porch from Halloween. Seriously. That could have been taken down a few months ago... And a funeral home we passed still has a wobbly Christmas tree of white lights in front of it, too.

Okay, our family leaves all our Christmas decorations up until the Epiphany, but we DO take them down after that! Sheesh.

In Pace Christi,


P.S. I love blogging. It gives me somewhere to vent. Unfortunately, I seem to lean towards Brutal Honesty. I need to work on my prudence and my charity...

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