Monday, January 21, 2013

Because Dwarves Make Everything Better

Seriously, Snow White got gipped. She missed out on all these guys. According to swordwhale on Pinterest, Dori could also have been 'Grumpierest'. If you don't understand 'majestic', clearly you haven't been to The Magnificent Home of Majestic Thorin Oakenshield, despite my recommending it several times. (Despite the fact that 50% of the vocabularies of people on Tumblr is composed of swear words.) And if you don't understand 'Point Break', you obviously haven't watched The Avengers.

Oh, and in the book Bombur is usually either asleep or eating.

In other news, the daily updates of 'Sons of Durin' continue. Frustratingly, the story is now taking a Thilbo Bagginshield turn, which I am not pleased with. However, I have come so far, I suppose I shall see it through to its unknown end. *salutes* I shall go down with H. M. S. Sanity.

In Pace Christi,


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