Thursday, January 17, 2013

Even MORE Random Things About My Day

There's been one good thing about the cold and the wet. It's kept the Jesus people away. Seems they don't want to stand in 30-degree weather at the foot of the amphitheater, do they?

Either that, or my debate with them that one time scared them off. I doubt it. However, if it did, you may all thank me for the great service I have done for the campus community.

There was a copious amount of flurrying done by the weather today, which was very pretty to look at and made for a nice change from the rain. Fortunately, the roads did not ice over. Unfortunately, the snow did not stick. It was only on my way home that I noticed tiny dustings of snow on the sides of the road. My family informed me that we had had almost an inch of snow at home and that they had gone out to play in it. Without me. Sad face. :(

However, the sun has come out now, for which I am very grateful. The temperature jumped about 10 degrees within an hour or two. Seeing patches of blue sky again was a very wonderful thing. My mom told us to look outside, that there was a big flaming ball of light in the sky. Humorously, the first thing I thought was, "Is it the apocalypse?" while my sister thought of the Tessaract-powered portal in The Avengers.

So, yeah, we felt a little silly.

Concerning yesterday in history, I just want to say one thing... There is NO EXCUSE for not being able to spell 'Thucydides' when the teacher has written it out on the board.

*bangs head on desk*

Literature today was a festival of geeky references. Doctor Who was mentioned. (Amy would be so proud- the other day, a guy in Lafayette made the motion that everyone should watch one episode of Doctor Who during their lifetimes.) Future Apple products and potential translucent phone screens were discussed. (The big benefit of which being- besides the fact that it would look like you had access to Tony Stark's technology- you could watch where you're going as you text and walk.)

And the desks had been rearranged again. Where I usually sit was an enormous wooden desk, presumably placed there for a handicapped person, complete with a cushioned spinny chair. At first I was going to move it, but then I just plopped my backpack down on the desk and claimed it.

Of course, since the chair was the spinny kind, I had to spin around. Quite a few times, as a matter of fact. (I cut down on that once Dr. Brewton walked in.) But, c'mon, spinny chairs are MADE to do that. It's their purpose in life! However, after I knocked the desk behind me (unoccupied, thankfully) askew, I admitted, "This is why spinny chairs should not be in classrooms."

Also, I was apparently the only person who has heard of Franz Kafka or Ovid (we were discussing the theme of metamorphosis). Or, at least, that I thought of them and mentioned them. I have no life, obviously.

Obscure reference to some minor point of etymology, history, or literature? Yup, I've got that covered.

Modern culture? Not so great with that.

One of the other literature themes we were discussing in connection to The Nutcracker was that of uncanniness, of the familiar in a strange setting/the strange in a familiar setting. Dr. Brewton alluded to the fact that there is a German word to describe such a thing, and, I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but blurt it out. Unheimlich. To me, it appears to translate literally as 'unhomelike' (which it may not actually do), but which I nevertheless find an evocative and thought-provoking definition.

Oh, and yay for Austin, who sits behind me, for bringing up The Hobbit and talking about how the juxtaposition of familiar musical themes and leitmotifs from The Lord of the Rings with new themes for The Hobbit reminded him of this 'uncanniness'. I applaud anyone who can drag anything Tolkien into class. It instantly makes class 30x more awesome.

(I would insert my gif of Bilbo running through the forest, contract trailing behind him, with the caption of LET ME LOVE YOU, but, alas, Blogger isn't letting that happen anytime soon, because I don't have a stupid URL.)

On my way home from school, I stopped to buy batteries for my calculator. I noticed on the clearance DVD rack a copy of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. I know next to nothing about the Fantastic 4, other than that their powers are lame. Really. Mr. Fantastic can super-elongate his body. Laaaaame. And the Thing is basically an orange Hulk stuck in Hulk-mode, minus anger issues. The girl who can turn invisible and/or use force fields is less lame. Johnny Storm? Fire powers are awesome, and flight is practically a prerequisite for most superheros, so he escapes the 'lame' label.

I love fire powers. The fire guys in stories are always my favorites. (Unsurprisingly, my favorite character in Avatar: The Last Airbender is Zuko. This is also because he is a dork. The adorkable guys are always the cutest, aren't they?) Bonus points if the fire guys were evil but have turned to the good side.

This is, perhaps, fitting, since I think I would be a water person myself. Opposites do attract, they say.

At the checkout, I noticed a magazine. I usually don't look at them, since they're all stupid. (They are. I dare you to contradict me on that one. I remember a black-and-white tabloid that proudly proclaimed in large capital letters: "BABY PARTS LAKE MICHIGAN!") However, this one just so happened to catch my eye. I have no idea what the guy's name is (I'm sure my nonexistent readers could inform me of it), but it was a picture of the guy who's usually captioned with something along the lines of, "Hey, girl."

Yes, that guy.

And I automatically thought, "Dean O'Gorman is way better-looking."

And then I stopped short and did a double take. "Did I actually just think that to myself?"

Apparently, I did. I actually found this most amusing.

And now, since most of you nonexistent readers are wondering who in the world Dean O'Gorman is, I suppose I shall have to inform you. He plays Fili in The Hobbit. (Yes, everything comes back to Tolkien in my little world. Tolkien is like the black hole at the center of my universe.)

I was going to post a picture (I have links for this) of Dean to demonstrate why he is better looking than that other guy, but I couldn't decide which to post. So I'll post both. XP

Dean is the one on the right, of course, if you ignore the reporter and various other random people. Audrey, at least, should know who the guy on the left is. If she doesn't, I shall be very disappointed.
It's Aidan Turner, by the way. Kili, from The Hobbit, in other words.
I dunno. Tumblr is, at the moment, infatuated with Kili/Aidan Turner and Thorin/Richard Armitage. (Someday I shall have to make a post detailing my reasons for joining the Armitage Army.) I actually saw a post where someone calculated the percentage of people on Tumblr in love with various fictional characters and celebrities. Aidan Turner was high on the list, I assure you. In all, it was an amusing post.
For me, though... *sigh* I just can't join them. Kili looks like an adorable little boy to me, so the idea of someone, anyone, holding romantic feelings towards him (or the actor, for that matter) is to me either hilarious or very uncomfortable. (Oh, and people aren't just shipping Fili and Kili together now. It was bad enough when it was the brothers. NOW they're shipping the actors!!! O tempora, o mores!)
And let's just say Thorin is a little bit out of my age range, shall we?
Moreover, I feel Fili is underappreciated anyways, so I may have to decide ultimately that he is my favorite over Kili and Thorin. I haven't decided that yet, but I may. We'll see. But, hey, give the older, responsible blond brother some attention, too. (I'm waiting for the, "If there is a key, there must be a door," line to be labeled Fili's blond moment, though...) He has dual swords and four throwing blades in his boots and is altogether cool.
Plus, I love Fili's hair. It's just as drool-worthy as Thorin's. Kili obviously can't be bothered to do more than pull his back with a clip (I bet there's some story behind the little metal clips, rings, and other hair accessories the Dwarves wear), but Fili and Thorin have awesome braids. Yes, the Dwarves are probably a lot of the reason why I braid sections of my hair randomly during class now. (Mostly during history class.)
So, yeah, in summary, Dean O'Gorman is, in my opinion, much better-looking than that other guy. Whoever he is. AND, before any of my nonexistent readers taunt me, I do NOT have a crush on him. That is stupid. I haven't had a crush since, oh, probably second grade...
Having a crush would be creepy to me now. It'd feel so weird. I mean, my mind would be going, "You don't even know this person!!! Why on earth do you think you like him??? You are infatuated, and if you've read any work of fiction whatsoever, you know that infatuation is BAD!! It makes you do stupid things and endanger the galaxy/cause a disturbance in the Force!!!"
On that note, the other day in Lafayette we somehow (??) got into a discussion about what would happen if Matthew actually used the Force to knock someone (i.e., me) into the door to open it. LOL, gotta love Lafayette and the honors people. There's no shortage of entertainment in the lobby there.

In Pace Christi,


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