Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Few More Hobbit Fanfic Recs

And by 'recs' I mean 'recommendations', for your information.

Since apparently there are others out there like me who are non-shippers, I thought I would perform a valuable service for mankind and post a couple of links.

Firstly, there is Taking Wagers, which fills in a small blank in the movie by portraying the scene when the Dwarves made bets on whether or not Bilbo would show up. It's a cute one-shot, and definitely recommended! I love the fact that Bofur is the one who gets the ball rolling. Bofur is so adorable, isn't he?

Secondly, we have Third Watch, which describes Bilbo and Kili sharing a watch on the Company's way to Rivendell. This fic perfectly portrays Fili and Kili's sense of humor (poor Thorin!) and also addresses the issue of Kili's beard. Or lack thereof, as it were. The last line is pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh.

I'd also like to recommend We're Looking For A Green Door. Like Taking Wagers, it addresses a small matter that the movie didn't show. In this case, it explains how and why half a dozen Dwarves ended up on Bilbo's doorstep at once. Getting lost in the Shire is apparently very easy for Dwarves to do!

As a final recommendation, I simply must mention this little gem: Can You Roast It? After all, there has to be an explanation somewhere for how and where the Dwarves found the sausages and firewood to set up camp. Again, the last line is hilarious.

Amazing authors, all. Some day maybe I shall finish a fanfic of my own and post it. I don't know. It'd either be the Yu-Gi-Oh one I fiddle with while waiting in between classes or the Fire Emblem one that has bugged me for quite some time (and which I did finish five chapters of). I'm just one of those authors who can't do one-shots. I have to make epics out of everything. Which is very troublesome, let me tell you.

Oh, and I also have to do my research. I look up everything. For my Fire Emblem fanfic, I looked up the price of the items, the timeline of the two Tellius games (which were the only ones I was concerned with), the estimated ages of various characters, any lines of dialogue hinting at their motives and past actions... etc. It was a hassle. But it works!

Hey, and at least I know proper punctuation. Most fanfic writers don't. Put it this way: If I see comma splices or a construction like this, "Blah blah blah." Said Insert Name Here," I don't even bother reading any further. And if the author claims to write horrible summaries in the summary itself, I don't even bother clicking on it. If the author can't write a summary, he/she probably can't write a story, either.

Just sayin'.

In Pace Christi,


P. S. My strategy of trying to make everything Tolkien take over the world seems to be working! Mwahahahahahaha.

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