Friday, October 7, 2011

Actually, I'm Still Alive.

I know I haven't updated my blog since Monday. Yes, a horrible failure on my part. In my defense, I have been sick since Tuesday with NBS (New Book Syndrome). Symptoms of NBS include: staying up way too late reading new book, disregarding homework in favor of reading new book, talking about new book to anybody and everybody (whether or not they want to hear about it), and general lack of attention in classes, specifically if new book is in backpack.

I had a two-hour break in between English and Chem Lab on Tuesday, so I ran into town and got The Son of Neptune and Ranger's Apprentice 11 The Lost Tales. Squirrel on caffeine, anyone?

THE SON OF NEPTUNE WAS AWESOME! Unfortunately, I can't talk too much about it lest I spoil it for other people who want to read it (not that there's probably many of them out there), but I can say that the two new characters, Hazel and Frank, are pretty cool, too? And Percy has grown up so much. In The Last Olympian, he really became the leader of Camp Half-Blood. In The Son of Neptune, even if he's not the main character so much anymore (which is sad), he's like an all-powerful older brother. He explodes many things. :) He's smarter than he looks (and, hilariously enough, he's apparently not bad-looking... as Hazel's first thought when she sees him is that he might be a Roman god in disguise [ha, ha!] and the Amazon Kinzie tries flirting with him at the end...). Unfortunately, the book ended with a massive cliffhanger.

RA 11 was equally awesome. To my delight, it had two Gilan stories! Okay, one was mostly Jenny-centric, but whatever. It's nice to know Halt was sarcastic even when he was younger.
Hmm, best line in RA 11: "You know, Ranger, this couldn't be a better wedding. A beautiful bride. A handsome groom. Good food, good ale. And to top it all off, a fight. It's just like being back at home." -- Nils Ropehander.

I should really go work on my homework now...

In Pace Christi,


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