Friday, October 14, 2011


Lovely, lovely, lovely Fridays.

And do you know why they are lovely? Saturdays follow them!!

My chemistry test this morning was much less hard than anticipated. And Dr. Bibbee let us out of history twenty minutes early "because you can't cover Aristotle in just twenty minutes". Hoory and all that. Although I was rather disappointed because I find philosophy fascinating. Yes, I read philosophy books for fun, mainly those by Peter Kreeft. He's an awesome writer. Of course, he wrote The Philosophy of Tolkien which begins with, "Oh, no! Not another book about Tolkien! Why should we read this one?" so you know it's good.

Do I have a math quiz Monday? I can't remember. Hopefully it's written down somewhere if it is. I know we do have a third exam next Thursday.

I'm supposed to meet with my advisor and have no idea how. Why is this necessary? To make sure we do all the things we're supposed to and take all the right classes?

I went to the game last night. Does that count as an honors event, Dr. Brewton? We stayed until the field goal that tied Delta State with UNA, but didn't bother to stay for overtime. It was sad not seeing the victory torch lit today. I kept it company anyways. It and the silly lion probably needed some comforting...

In Pace Christi,


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