Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MORE Pointless Things I Have Learned

1. The doors of the bathroom stalls in the basement of Collier Library are in serious need of WD-40. You can shove your weight against them and they will not budge, even if they are unlatched. One is permanently out of quarters, appanrently... A handwritten sign on the door says, "Out of Order Quarters."

2. I found the stairs in the back of Bibb Graves. Or, apparently, the stairs from the basement to the first floor, so, congratulations me, I added another flight to my climb up the building. The stairs were narrower. As I am becoming accustomed to going up the stairs two at a time (per my custom) in most of the buildings, I will stick with the normal stairs and smile at those who huff and puff. -- I also walk fast, apparently. And I accelerate when going up hills. Go figure.

3. They sell cookies in the Guillot. I bought one today. I was 2/3 finished with it when I realized that the sprinkles on it were in the shape of tombstones. Audrey and I had a good laugh over that.

4. PLEASE don't tell me psychology and speech are PREREQUISITE courses! I will absolutely croak if they are. Neither is my thing. I am not good at speaking in public (I tend to start rambling, if you can believe that) and I am not good with subjective sciences. If I must take psychology, I insist that UNA offer Latin classes! I can bargain for a trade-off, can't I?

5. They have now turned on the heat in the math building. It is now one of the warmest, if not the warmest building on campus. Or at least it was this morning.

FOURTEEN DAYS UNTIL BROTHERBAND 1: THE OUTCASTS COMES OUT!!! (It's by John Flanagan who does Ranger's Apprentice and it's set in the same world as RA and some of the same characters- cough, cough, Erak, cough, cough- may appear in it, so you may understand why I am excited about this.)

In Pace Christi,


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