Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Am I Posting When I Have Little To Say?

When Dr. Brewton told us to personalize our blogs, I don't think he meant this. I don't just ramble meaningfully about our guest speakers, or even meaningfully about campus and schoolwork, but I also ramble meaningLESSly about nothing in general. Like now, for instance. I am rambling about rambling about rambling about rambling about rambling...

Ha ha. Anyway. We may or may not be going to the game tonight! When I say 'we', I mean my family and I. I would like to go, certainly, and so does my mom and my sister. The boys, however, have declared that football is 'boring' (anathema!) and so will probably be threatened with dire consequences in order to secure their good behavior if we do come (thus requiring them to come along, as well).

I already have an idea for the compare/contrast essay that is not due for about a month! I will compare and contrast Edmund from The Chronicles of Narnia and Boromir from the Lord of the Rings. I initially thought of simply comparing and contrasting the two series, but decided to narrow the scope to just two characters. However, I have thought up of three points apiece for comparing and contrasting, and could have thought of more, so that proves how much I like these two series (despite my recent near-incoherency about Percy Jackson and Ranger's Apprentice). I am more knowledgeable about the Lord of the Rings however and will be delighted to debate it with anyone who fancies a go at someone who has actually (gasp!) read the Simarillion. Even if the last time I read it was more than a year or two ago. I would read it again now but I am on overload. I have two books sitting on my dresser that have been sitting there untouched for weeks. In my defense I didn't bargain on one of them (they are on loan from a fellow parishioner) and the other proved to be dry if well-researched.

At least all I have to do for the Athens/Sparta history paper is print it out again. As for the analysis of Hammurabi's Code, I have yet to figure out how to make Word let me put my last name as well as the page number at the top of each page. My name, yes. The page number, yes. Both, no. It wants to put my name and one uniform number at the top of every page. Which is not good. I like Word 2010, even if it was a huge shock coming from complete mastery of Word 2000, but its still computer-like insistence on trivialities like this is annoying. Which is also good, in a sense too, because if computers/droids could think, we probably wouldn't be here. (As I think Obi-Wan said in the Attack of the Clones...)

I am such a nerd, aren't I?

If I go to the game, I have to wear a black shirt, right? I have only two black non-church shirts, and one features a picture of Pope John Paul II on it and the other... well, I could still wear the other, even if it has a big red cross on it. I'll probably be wearing a coat over it, anyway...

We still get in free if we're students, right? Even if this is against Delta State and it's televized? And what's this about getting a free concession item? UNA seriously needs to improve its communication. Or maybe it just doesn't want to advertise its free giveaways. Meh.

In Pace Christi,


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