Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Some More Beautiful Music

I have a long list of songs I've been meaning to share, so I'll knock a few off right now, if you don't mind.

First up: 'Starry Night', by Christ August:

Next we have 'Strong Tower', by Kutless:

Here is 'Glory Defined', by Building 429 (honestly, I do not understand the names of some of these groups, but whatever):

And lastly we have  'I Celebrate the Day', by Reliant K. The interesting thing is I actually recognized this group as I heard the song come on the radio, despite the fact that I have only ever heard one song by them before. It was 'When I Go Down', which I heard in (of all things) a video tribute to Boromir on YouTube. I was listening to this new song on the radio and kept thinking (apparently randomly) of lines from that other song, and finally figured out that the voices sounded the same. So I waited until the song finished and its name and artist would be called out, and, sure enough, it was Reliant K.

I love it when my memory doesn't play tricks on me. XD

Anyway, so here is the song. I couldn't find any really good lyric videos, so we'll just have to do with something that looks like I could have made it (my video-making skills are about nil). The song is addressed to the Infant Jesus.

Christmas is coming... and today is the feast day of St. Francis Xavier. :)

In Pace Christi,


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