Monday, December 2, 2013

Aidan & Dean For the Win!

So the other day Aidan Turner and Dean O'Gorman did a live Questions & Answers on the Hobbit Facebook page. Let me share my favorites:

Random Person 1: "To Aidan: So you have played a dwarf, a werewolf, and a vampire. Do you have any propositions to play a man? Maybe they think you are too cute to play a human?"
Answer: "Aidan's waiting for the human race to evolve into more beautiful people, so Aidan can be more representative of us mortals."
Random Person 2: "^THIS."
Random Person 3: "Speaking in the third person or was that Mr. O'Gorman?"
Random Person 4: "THIS IS THE BEST."
Random Person 5: "This is the 'WIN' of this evening XD"
Random Person 6: "anyone else dying of laughter?"
Answer: "That was Dean, haha."

Random Person 1: "How would Fili and Kili react on seeing Thorin twerk??"
Answer: "They'd turn around and go back home."
Random Person 2: "^THIS"
Random Person 3: "The image cannot be unseen."
Random Person 4: "Now I"m stuck with the mental image of Thorin majestically twerking while Fili and Kili run away as fast as they can while going "NOPE"."
Random Person 5: "I'd rather see THEM twerk!"
Random Person 6: "What have I just imagined in my head? No..."
Random Person 7: "Omg Thorin twerking would be majestic indeed."

Random Person 1: "If you could live in Middle-earth would you want to live as a Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf, or a Human? "
Answer: "I'd go with human because I've already done that and I know what I'm getting into. - Aidan."
Answer: "I'd be one of the eagles! - Dean."

Random Person 1:  "What's your favorite dwarvish word?"
Answer: "Ich fit udre - it means "Excuse me, your beard is in my mouth."

Random Person 1: "Dean, which Hobbit character is Aidan most like in real life and why, and Aidan, what about Dean?"
Answer: "Aidan's short term memory is like Radagast. - Dean."
Answer: "Aidan can't remember for Dean."

Pardon me while I go die of laughter. XD Aidan's short-term memory is especially amusing.

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