Monday, December 2, 2013

Prince Charming? Ha!

I love this fandom, okay?

Version #1:

*sigh* There's one problem for me, though. I have dubbed it the Kili Syndrome. While Aidan Turner is by all accounts (even mine) a perfectly cute guy and fine to drool over if drooling is your thing, when I look at Kili all I can think is he looks like a cute little boy. I want to pat him on the head, take him home, and feed him cookies. I can't think about Kili in a romantic context at all.

When it comes to Fili, I want to go play pranks on people with him. He'd be an awesome older brother. (Could I request Fili and Kili to be my older brothers? I don't have any...)

As for Thorin... let's just say I'd be too busy staring at my feet to do anything else. He's also safely out of my age range. ;) Some, however, disagree.

Version #2:

| Eventually, Thorin Oakenshield is going to live that down.

| Today is not that day.

| | He was also stuck in a tree!

Pardon me, I'm over here dying of laughter... Thorin will NEVER live that down.

In Pace Christi,


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