Thursday, December 12, 2013

Love Never Fails - FMA Style

Goodness, I don't know which FMA couple hurts the most here. Ling and LanFan (he's carrying her AND fighting Bradley, oh, yikes), Hohenheim and Trisha (the couple that started it all), Al and May, Maes Hughes and Gracia (and their daughter, Elicia), Sig and Izumi Curtis, Ed and Winry, Roy and Riza.

I love these characters so much, you guys.

The most painful, though, has gotta be Roy and Riza at the bottom. That's blood on his ignition glove, isn't it? And look at the blood on Riza's shirt and face. I think this is right after the enemies try slashing her throat to make Roy open the Gate of Truth for them. And he's forced to watch and be unable to do anything... Gah. RoyxRiza will break your heart. Seeing as how they've been in love for almost 15 years now and they protect each other in battle and yet they can't get married because of the military anti-fraternization laws...


I'm seeing DoS tomorrow; I don't need to die of FMA feels at the moment. Too many feels.

*runs off sobbing*

In Pace Christi,


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