Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Periodic Table Song

In honor of organic chemistry, I thought I'd post this. While it's not as stress-relieving as the last thing I posted (what is it lately with me and posting videos, anyway?), it's still certainly amusing for those of a scientific bent of mind. I definitely rank among that number.

I was sitting in class today and realized just how much of the 'magic system' of my fictional universe is based off of science. Serious, my runic system, at least as far as it is deployed in a battle, is somewhere between hieroglyphics and atomic structure. The moment my runes start forming a tetrahedon like methane or something, I will know I have officially lost it.

Of course, look what Terry Pratchett did with the Discworld. There, magic is basically the equivalent of nuclear technology, complete with a background magic field - a concept I also use.

So maybe it's not a bad thing, having a scientific bent of mind. At any rate, it'll be amusing if a work of fantasy turns out to be more scientifically accurate than your average sci-fi thriller or comic book. It always amuses me how superheros get their powers, anyway... A spill in a chemistry lab? Oh, no, you have super speed! I mean. really... XD

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