Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fun With LEGOs And A Camera

As we all know, Thorin Oakenshield has no sense of direction. He lost his way in the Shire - twice. And while he will admit this fact, he will absolutely refuse, like any good man, to ask for directions.
Having accepted this fact, Balin and Bilbo, who are heartily sick and tired of wandering around the edges of Mirkwood, have prevailed upon Thorin to finally take a look at that map that Gandalf gave him. Thorin is not much better at reading maps, but he gives it his best shot. Bilbo and Balin are there to assist.

Meanwhile, that leaves Dwalin to babysit Fili and Kili. Dwalin is not amused by this. Fili and Kili were a handful when they were small, and they remain a handful now that they are grown.

Currently, they are climbing on some rocks. At least, Fili is courteous enough to help his little brother up. Dwalin looks on, prepared to gently bonk some sense into their heads with his warhammer if he feels they need some sense bonked into their heads.

Balin and Bilbo make no progress with Thorin. They cannot make heads nor tails of the map, for that matter. They decide that desperate times call for desperate measures, and wander off to ask - gasp! - the Elves for directions.

The Elves are also not amused by this.

Needless to say, it doesn't end well.

The Elves take issue with thirteen Dwarves and one Hobbit wandering around in their woods. They quickly capture the Dwarves, but miss Bilbo in all the confusion. Marching the Dwarves back to their underground stronghold, they lock the Dwarves in prison.

All is not lost, however. The Elves are quite happy with their success and go off to do what they do in Thranduil's realm the best: party. Before long, the Elf guards are thoroughly drunk.

Having reached the stage where they would most certainly be ticketed with a DUI by the Elven Police if they took Thranduil's Irish Elk out on a joyride, the Elf guards pass out. Safely invisible, thanks to the Ring, Bilbo leaves them snoring on the floor, snatches the key to the cells, and frees the Dwarves. Hooray!

And off they go on the next stage of their grand adventure!

XD I had a lot of fun with this. A camera, a bunch of LEGO's, and a couple of hours - priceless.

In Pace Christi,


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