Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Hobbit Stuff, Lalalalala...

It pretty much goes without saying that if I ever got married, the dude would HAVE to be a complete Ringer (Tolkien fan), because otherwise he wouldn't survive. He'd also have to survive a bunch of other geeky things I like, including some (sort of) sillier ones like Princess Tutu and Yu-Gi-Oh.

What? Princess Tutu is epic. Don't let the name fool you. Just watch it. Your mental process goes like this: "Episode 5: I hate Fakir." "Episode 10: I feel kinda sorry for Fakir." "Episode 15: Whoa, Fakir is awesome!" "Episode 20: Who cares about Mytho, I prefer Fakir!" "Episode 25: YESSS, FakirxAhiru is CANON!" "The Ending: NOOOOOO! *uncontrollable sobbing*"

Yep, that's pretty much how it went for me and everyone else.

As for Yu-Gi-Oh? I am entirely unapologetic. I know almost nothing of Zexal, cannot understand why I think Yusei from 5Ds is cool (he is, though... I cannot understand it... it is very strange... everyone else is hideous... what makes crabhead guy any better?), and GX took the only characters I thought were cool (a.k.a., Syrus and Zane) and put them through the wringer. The original was the best. You can't beat Yami for snarkiness, and the manga had the most hilarious psycho!Yami of all time. Seriously, I was keeping count of how many people he set on fire.

The main attraction of YGO, though? Two words: Dark Magician.

Oh, and I don't like him just because he's cute (which I do not deny), because that alone is a stupid reason to like a character. I like the personality! I like the way he shows off sometimes (I DARE you to deny it. The completely pointless flip in the air in Season 1 when they were fighting the Paradox brothers springs to mind. Also, his most epic attack of all time when he was fighting Arcana. I DARE you).


This post was going to have a bunch of Hobbit stuff, and somehow I derailed myself. It's amazing how that happens. Sooo... At any rate, I will have a very Hobbity post after I come back from watching it for the second time, lalalalala.

In the meanwhile!

A lot of people love Figwit. I really don't see why. If you are going, "Who's Figwit?" don't worry. You're not alone. He was a random Elf extra at the Council of Elrond that some girls on the Internet noticed, decided he was insanely cute (which I do deny), and labelled him Figwit for, "Frodo Is Great... Who Is That?" They loved him so much Peter Jackson stuck him in The Return of the King as the Elf who tells Arwen they must not delay after her vision of Eldarion (her and Aragorn's son).

And now, since the fandom STILL loves Figwit so much, he stuck him in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as Lindir, a sort of assistant for Elrond.

However, I think Figwit/Lindir should be memetic for another reason: whoever he's assigned to look after escapes him! He was assigned to ensure Arwen made it to the Grey Havens. She got away and went back to Rivendell. He was assigned to ensure Bilbo and the Dwarves did not leave Rivendell. They got away and left. I privately think that in The Fellowship of the Ring he was sent to ensure Arwen did not get any delusions of grandeur so she wouldn't leave Rivendell to go after Aragorn and the hobbits while Ringwraiths were out there. Of course, she escaped him and went after Aragorn and the hobbits, anyway. Is it any wonder Elrond wants her to go to Aman? Really now?

It also makes you wonder why Figwit/Lindir keeps getting tasked with keeping up with people...

Speaking of memes, TH:AUJ already has three. One is: "I simply cannot go running off into the blue. I am a Baggins... of Bag End!"
Two is: Majestic Thorin. I humbly submit for your perusal this link:
I discovered it last night and it completely ruined my ability to concentrate, since I was laughing so hard. Poor wannabe-majestic!Kili. For some reason, the, "u smell of dignity," part cracked me up. I am still laughing about it as I type.
Warning: 50% of the vocabulary of people on Tumblr seems to consist of profanities.
The third meme: Ridiculously Lovely Bofur. I humbly submit for your perusal this link. Come with me! Jump on board the Bofur bandwagon and celebrate the Dwarf with the best hat of all time!
Bofur is tied for my second favorite- along with Bilbo. My favorite, of course, is a three-way-tie between Thorin, Fili, and Kili. Sorry, Bofur! If it makes you feel better, I love your hat.


Only three good ones? Hmm. I need more Bofur pics.
So, yeah... I like Bofur. And his hat. He must keep it on with superglue. That is the only explanation I can come up with.
Oh, and, before I leave you, I must submit one last random picture for your perusal, simply because I find it hilarious:
Chillin' Like a Bombur.
'Nuff said.
In Pace Christi,


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