Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Continuing My Streak of Hobbit Spamming

I realized that I have completely forgotten to talk about Balin in the movie. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it is so, and I really don't know why. I just seem to find Balin very forgettable, and it shouldn't be so. He's one of the more important Dwarves, after all.

(May all peoples who use the plural 'dwarfs' in connection to Tolkien's world perish to the tune of Baruk Khazad! Khazad ai-menu!)

My summation of Balin is this: a short Santa Claus without a moustache and with a sword. Yeah, pretty much. He's one of the oldest Dwarves and probably the wisest; he is the most kindly of the Dwarves in the book and becomes a good friend of Bilbo. He still has that role in the movie, and it was a delight to spy him straight off in the Erebor prologue of the movie, albeit with a darker beard. (Balin is the more dignified older brother. Dwalin has a mohawk at the Battle of Azanulbizar. What have I said before about older brothers always having more dignity??)

I really do like Balin. I mean, I like all the Dwarves. Balin just hasn't made it to the top of my list, for whatever reason. Of course, young people will like the awesome characters and it's only the older and wiser people that really appreciate characters for the wisdom, dignity, and kindness.

Most of the time.

In other Hobbit news, it has become very interesting on Tumblr... has become swamped with Mary Sue stories, self-inserts, and horrible slash pairings. I have seen only two good contributions since the movie. I'm on the verge of swearing it off forever, just as I have done with LOTR fanfiction. Except for the Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth. I really want a Hobbit edition of that...

I'd also like to state that, unlike most fangirls, I have no romantic intentions towards Fili and Kili. As if! I'd much rather be their sister. To explain: I think they'd make AWESOME older brothers. Fili would be the responsible older sibling who'd look after you when you were sick and comfort you when you were crying and remind you to put a coat on before going outside in the cold. Kili would be the fun older brother who'd help you sneak outside and who you'd get in trouble together with.

XD No contest. Older brothers it is. I've never wished for older siblings before, so it's a very odd feeling.

Credits to kaciart on Tumblr. Not my art by any long stretch. Cannot figure out how to link the picture, so I just have to mention it. I love pictures of Thorin with his nephews, and this one is just so sweet and also has Bofur (thus including my four favorite Dwarves) that I had to put it up here.
I HAVE, however, done my own sketches of Thorin, Bofur, Fili, and Kili, but I haven't figured out how to post those, other than by scanning them in and that is a HEADACHE, let me tell you, so it likely won't happen any time real soon, if at all...
It's the family element that I like the most in stories, I think. Since I am the oldest of four and I have a very large extended family that gets along quite well (a novelty, I think), I am very attached to my family. In my own stories, family bonds figure in a lot and there are lots of siblings and cousins. My favorite moments in stories and movies will inevitably ones that consist of positive interactions between family members. That explains why my favorite scene in all of Star Wars is the redemption of Darth Vader via Emperor thrown down an elevator shaft (priceless) and also why I gripe so much at the lack of meaningful Theoden/Eomer interaction in The Return of the King.
You hear a lot about friendship in books, movies, and shows (Yu-Gi-Oh... sigh... just Yu-Gi-Oh. I really don't know why Tea was branded 'the Friendship Girl' since Yugi talks about it more than her!). But you don't hear so much about family, which I find very sad. Family is very important. You might not be able to choose your family, but blood is thicker than water, to quote an old cliche.
Three cheers for The Hobbit being composed of a whole bunch of brothers (and some cousins)!
In Pace Christi,

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