Monday, December 3, 2012

An Unexpected Forum

"Please tell us that isn't an unexpected forum we see ahead of us..."

I don't think I'm the only person who doesn't check my email over the weekend, so surely I'm not the only person to receive a shock when I checked my email today to find a message stating we have forum tonight. Whoopee. I was planning on doing my speech critique, reading my assignment for literature, and (hopefully) doing my video for forum once I google how to use my webcam.

HOPEFULLY forum tonight (since I suppose I must go and stay in Dr. Brewton's good graces) will not be painful or prolonged. If someone tells me how to record a video, it will be worth it, however. I am supremely ungifted with technology. I wonder how many other people will show up tonight, however...

Last class of geography today. Happy face or sad face? I'm not sure. I really liked that class, and Dr. Mikey was an amazing teacher. Sad face, I suppose.

Second to last class of speech today. Happy face for listening to everyone else's speeches, which are always really interesting. Ashley told us why carbonation was bad for us and Jacob spoke eloquently about how the foster care system is in dire need of reformation. Andrea spoke about music and childhood development. Trevor tried to persuade us that video games do not lead to violent behavior. Not sure that he really persuaded me, however. Then again, I hold the position that video games alone do not lead to bad behavior; I merely think thy can be one of various factors.

To end it all on a good note, Marcela explained to us all the benefits of chocolate. XD My favorite speech of them all. After it, I went to the Guillot and got lunch. I also got a brownie. What, it's health food!

Also turned in my form about my volunteer hours, so that's another thing checked off my list.

WHAT ARE THEY DOING DIGGING UP THE PRESIDENT'S LAWN??? Seriously, I'm dying of curiosity. I had thought they were messing around with a sprinkler system or something. Today a couple of guys were digging a hole- by hand, too, not with a mini backhoe, either- and half a dozen other guys were standing around watching- supervising, I suppose. What are they up to?

In other news, apparently the big fountain has been shut off and drained for the winter. It now looks very bare and lonely and sad.

In other, better news, only 11 days until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey!!!!

And, you will note, that only had 4 exclamation marks. For, as every good Pterry fan knows, 5 exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind.

In Pace Christi,


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