Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts for Today, Such as They Are

This is my 90th post. Yay me.

Anyway, I picked up a copy of the Flor-Ala today (honestly, who came up with the name Flor-Ala? Is hyphenating and abbreviating the best anyone can do nowadays? Whatever happened to the spirit of conservative creativity when it comes to nomenclature?). I always like looking at the tweets on the back, as some are humorous, but today I merely came away with the impression that there are a lot of weenies in the world.

Yo, whoever is complaining about having a class on the third floor of Bibb Graves, get a life! Just because the building does not have escalators and elevators (and fireman poles, for that matter, as awesome as that would be) does not mean the world is out to get you. Seriously, people, the stairs are not that bad. I take them two at a time! (Of course, I do that with most stairs, anyway...) But, no, all the weenies line up for the elevators. If you can't walk up a flight of stairs to your class, or you think the world hates you because you have a class on the third floor, what are you doing in college? This demonstrates the maturity of a grade schooler. What's the use of complaining about it? If complaining were to produce some positive result, that would be one thing. But if it doesn't... you're just dwelling on your own misery and making everyone else miserable around you. So, please, don't spread the misery!

As an aside, most of people's misery and pain is when you think about it. It's estimated that 90% of pain is mental.

That was not the end of the tweets. Someone else obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed and threatened to choke-slam the first freshman they saw up, dressed, and smiling. I take offense to that. If you're having a bad day, fine, have a bad day. But let other people have good days. Will spreading the gloom alleviate your own? Maybe. But, as they say, it's 'bad karma'...

I am not a morning person myself. You should see me eating breakfast in the dark because I can't bear to turn the lights on. But I don't threaten to choke-slam people. I just chase off little brothers whose only way, apparently, of demonstrating how much they miss me during the day (awww) is by annoying me (not so awww).

As an aside, I say, "Good morning," to the bus drivers. I think everyone needs a, "Good morning," to start their day. When you say that, you are wishing that the person you are greeting will have a good morning ("I wish you a good morning."), so it's basically a blessing. And I, if no one else in this language-abusing world, believe in the power of spoken words, so when I say, "Good morning," I am literally hoping that you will have a good morning. If that makes you want to choke-slam me, that's your problem. Not mine.

There's still enough innocence left in the world for a little clueless freshman to be happy over sunshine and "Sweet Home Alabama" playing on the radio and getting home by 11:00, isn't there?
If there isn't, this is a very sad world.

In Pace Christi,


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  1. I agree. Flor-Ala is a horrible name for a school newspaper!

    I agree. We need a fireman poles in EVERY building!

    It is only in high school when freshmen are looked down upon. In college the upper class-men need to grow up if they look down on freshmen.

    Haha. Everyone needs a "good morning" every morning!

    and I get home before 10!!!