Friday, January 13, 2012

SNOWDAY!!! ...I wish.

Okay, okay, I was wrong. The little dusting of snow on the ground DID actually have an effect upon classes today. Not much of one as far as I was concerned, but it got SOME people out of all school today (I'm looking at you, Amy... grrr.... not fair). The roads weren't bad, save for a few patches on Florence Blvd (I'm abbreviating it to blvd because I honestly have no idea how to spell it out in full!) near the bowling alley. Farther downtown, houses still had white on their roofs and the cemetery near St. Joseph's (about where Florence Blvd becomes Tennessee Street for completely inexplicable reasons) was completely white. It was pretty in an odd sort of way. You don't really think of cemeteries being pretty, but this morning it looked all innocent and peaceful... almost restful, in fact.

Downtown the streets looked as if white stuff (not snow) had been spread over them. Salt, I guess, but it looked more powdery than that. Some unknown sort of chemical, I suppose.

Guess what? I remembered my calculator today! Cue happy dance of joy. I ALSO remembered a pencil (although it was not a very sharp one). I should have gone and checked my mailbox in the Guillot but decided against it. There's never anything in it. The last time something was in there (the first thing in a month or two) it was an ad for some tanning salon place. Needless to say, I crumpled that up and tossed it as soon as I walked past a trash can. All I can say is that tanning beds creep me out. They look like coffins. Proper vampires (not the stupid glittery kind!) sleep in coffins. However, they are also supposed to be allergic to sunlight. Oookaay....

Yay. Another blog post of incredible randomness. I may fail at some things, but I think I definitely win at complete and utter randomness.

On a happier note, the shuttles were running very regularly today and the shuttle drivers are to be commended. They are always pretty good about picking up in the morning and I think the way my schedule is this semester I may end up not having to wait as long on a shuttle. Let's hope so. I really think UNA should build some sort of awning or something at the shuttle pick-up/drop-off areas, because it stinks to stand for thirty minutes in the freezing cold, being rained on or snowed on, or to stand for thirty minutes in the broiling hot sun, for that matter. (Because you all know before we turn around fully it's going to be summer again. Sheesh, I don't think I'm that old yet, and already the days go by so fast... Augh... and now I've got that Keith Urban song in my head... The days go by... I can feel 'em flying like hand out the window as the cars go by...)

In Pace Christi


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