Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Few More Random Things About UNA

Okay, okay, most of these random observations are from yesterday and I forgot to blog about them. But oh well! They shall be blogged about today.

(1). Whoever thought it would be a clever idea to write the 't' and 'h' as one letter in their sidewalk chalk advertisements for The Well, it's really not a clever idea. It just proves that you can't spell or can't write, either one and possibly both. It does not give a good first impression of the message you're trying to get across. People, learn to spell!

(2). I see that the OUT OF ORDER sign on the back of the bathroom door in the Guillot has been moved to the door of one of the stalls, where presumably it belongs.

(3). Why was the CAUTION: WET PAVEMENT cone outside the Guillot yesterday? I really couldn't figure that out. The pavement outside should really only be wet if it's been raining, the sprinklers have been on a long time, or someone spilled something really big. None of those had happened. The pavement wasn't even wet for that matter...

(4.) Why has UNA stopped carrying those sandwiches in the Guillot that I liked? Now they only have peanut butter and jelly ones unless you want those ginormous ones with croissants or whatever. And sushi. They are carrying sushi now. I'm sorry, but anything labelled, "Jellied Eel Egg Roll," or whatever it said I most definitely do not find appetizing. Even more ominously, after 3:00 or so you can buy one get one free for the sushi. This does not bode well for those leery of food poisoning.

(5.) I haven't seen those people standing on the amphitheater and preaching and passing out literature lately. Not that I'm complaining about the fact, mind you... I just remember that one of those cards they handed out was a picture so blatantly photoshopped I have been unable to take them seriously since then. It depicted the earth right next to the Sun, and credited NASA for the photo. Uh-huh. Even I know that the earth is like 93 million miles away from the Sun.

(6.) I'd like to know just how many markers the UNA faculty go through each day. Based on the way Dr. Gren switches markers through his lectures, I would bet the number is more than you think. Let's hope they buy in bulk.

In Pace Christi,


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  1. good post!!!
    and i think i saw those people yesterday when i came to talk to you at the flame pole thing. yes, i just said "flame pole thing". they weren't preaching though. or at least i didn't hear them, thank goodness.