Thursday, January 12, 2012

Second Semester at UNA

Yay. The semester has officially started and it is patently obvious I am not yet back into the swing of things.

For starters, yesterday I completely forgot to bring a pencil or pen (I fail), but fortunately of all days to forget that was the best one. I managed to borrow from people to write my name on the sign-in sheets and today I REMEMBERED! Cue happy dance of joy. Today, however, I forgot my calculator. Fortunately today was also a day I could scrape by, so all's good. I will remember it tomorrow, as well. I will return to the swing of things. I am slightly less clueless than I once was!!

A study in comparison and contrast: my German class now has three people in it, while my Chemistry class has about 80 again. Yup. The professor for the former greeted us with, "Guten morgen, meine kleine Klasse," (and let's hope I have that right- 'Good morning, my small class', by the way) while the professor for the latter greeted us with, "Come on in! Standing room only," as we scurried down the hallway. I managed not to be late. I have to run across the parking lot and down the hill to get into my classroom in Floyd before the teacher walks in...

Apparently, construction is no longer being done to Collier and the work on the water lines (or whatever it was) is also completed. The last few days of last semester it was slightly annoying to have to circumvent the amphitheater. Ampitheater... okay, now I've confused myself. But as the work's done now I don't have anything to complain about, do I? And, hey, it could have been worse...

It is flurrying outside. That was ludicrous when it was 50 degrees outside yesterday, but as today it is more like 30 degrees outside, we may actually have some white on the ground in the morning. Heh. Who knows? I doubt, if there is any, that it will affect classes at UNA whatsoever...

Another random observation: there is pink string tied around a few lamp posts, and I totally don't want to know why. Strangely, I find myself saying that a lot--- "I don't want to know why..." etc.

Labs start next week. Let's see what else we can blow up in chemistry lab! No, just kidding. I actually do not want to witness any massive fireballs or miniature mushroom clouds, even though the shocking propensity for people to pour chemicals straight down the drain does not inspire much confidence... Actually, the guy I'm supposed to have for chemistry lab is the Wizard of tUNA, Dr. Moeller. And this is after I disagreed with his philosophy on my blog. Ooookay. Whoops? Oh, well. My dad says Dr. Moeller used to be the dean of the science/chemistry/whatever department, and that he taught one of my uncles. It would be interesting if he recognized my last name, as it's rather unusual, but I don't expect him to. I certainly don't expect him to comment on its German  nature and then give me the etymology of it, as Dr. Christy did, though that was certainly amazing on the latter's part...

Okay, this was a random blog post. Very random. But, then, when are they ever not?

In Pace Christi,


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  1. random blog posts are sometimes the best!!! and you blog posts are so funny! :D