Monday, January 13, 2014


So the other night my sister and I sat down (consumption of donuts may have been involved) and watched all four hours of BBC North and South, which we were able to find on YouTube. Much silliness ensued. Much squeeing also ensued, but - hey, it's Richard Armitage. A little squeeing is requisite.

A few observations:

(1) Jealous Henry in the train is the funniest thing ever.

(2) Margaret must be hard of hearing because Thornton's like, "I love you!" and she's like, "You're just saying that because you pity my family's poorness," and he's like, "No, I love you!" and then she's like, "You just want to marry me to save my honor," and he's like, "No, I want to marry you because I love you!"

Dunno. In Pride and Prejudice, I'm all, "You go, Lizzy! You tell Mr. Darcy all about his bad manners!" when she rejects him. In North and South, I'm more... "Um, Margaret? Have you listened to a word he's said?"

(3) Mrs. Thornton is amazing. All the mothers in Jane Austen novels are dead or silly. Mrs. Thornton, on the other hand, is a sensible woman who dearly cares for her son (and if she doesn't care as much about Fanny we can all see why and agree with her...). She resolves to be offended for her son when Margaret turns him down and pretty much snaps at her later on, "You do not know what sort of man you rejected." (To her credit, Margaret agrees.) Just... she has personality. She's protective of her son. She tries giving advice to Margaret even when she loathes Margaret's guts.

Go, Mrs. Thornton!

(4) Why was the water purple when Boucher drowned himself???? The closest thing my sister and I can figure out was that it must be due to chemical pollutants from the mills. Dyes? Tanning acids? I have no clue.

(5) Why is Margaret always walking through a graveyard? I guess it is the only green place in Milton, but even so...

(6) It only takes a line or two to completely ruin my concentration: "Look back. Look back at me." or "He was her brother." or "Coming home with me?"


In consequence, guess what I had a dream about that night?

Margaret and Thornton. AS VAMPIRE HUNTERS.

You do NOT know how satisfying it is to watch Richard Armitage kill Edward Cullen. Just sayin'. XD

My mind is a weird place. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. A lot of weirdness and silliness comes from it, and yet, at other times... a lot of awesomeness comes from it, too.

In Pace Christi,


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