Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For Your Holy Week Amusement

I am back with the latest round of Catholic-themed funnies! Credits for these first few go to Pope Hilarious gags on Facebook:

Dat cake.

This is both hilarious and very true. I think I'm going to save it, as I have the feeling I might someday be able to use it.

...I have quite an arsenal of Pope Benedict pictures and other Catholic-themed funnies with which to challenge any anti-Catholic hate directed towards me on the Internet. However, I haven't gotten any anti-Catholic hate. Strange. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I just find it odd that the ultra-liberals haven't found me yet.

I guess there's benefits to being overlooked, as Merry Brandybuck once said. (Read the book.)

How's that for a good picture of Xtreme Papa? XD I like to call him that. I even have a shirt that says that, complete with a picture of him wearing sunglasses. (The image is sadly coming to pieces after being washed, so I don't wear it that often - twice a year at the most.) I continue the tradition by also saying 'Papa Ben' and 'Papa Frankie', even if I do it only on the Internet.

The Swiss Guards (Cors Helvetica) do not look impressed.

I have another of Pope Pius XII captioned: VENI AD ME, FRA, which is Latin for, "Come at me, bro." He seems to have been prone to this stance.

I don't call that a problem; I call that awesome!

This one's on Papa Frankie. His poor assistants... XD

In Pace Christi,


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