Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yay! New Book!

As you may surmise, a new book came out today. Of course, I had to go to Books-a-Million and get it. The people there should know me by now; I'm always there the Tuesday anything I want comes out.

Well, today Brotherband Chronicles 3: The Hunters came out today, and I've just finishd it. It was, as expected, amazing. John Flanagan is a genius. His writing continues to become better and better with each book; it is simply a pleasure to read his books. The characters' interactions are natural and hilarious; historical details are well-researched and realistic. Action sequences are plenty and flow well. As for suspense... what can I say? Ranger's Apprentice 9 was, to put it mildly, nerve-wracking, and I rarely get that feeling when I read.

My favorite character from the Brotherband Chronicles? Hmm... I like Stig. He is the perfect combination with Thorn in a fight. Watching him single-handedly attack eight men was priceless. Even if his dad failed at becoming the Maktig (the greatest warrior in Skandia, chosen at a special competition each year), Stig should get it in the future. He's got the potential to be another Thorn, I think. Edvin might be the "unrealized potential asset" of the story, but Stig is always running around in the background, making sure things run well for Hal and the others.

Plus, Stig somehow manages to be in a lot of the funny moments. For instance, I'll share with you the funniest line of the book, and urge you to go buy a copy for yourself:

"You know, I've been thinking..." Stig began slowly.

Hal called to Edvin, who was sesated amidships. "Edvin. Note the time and the date, please. A unique event has just occurred."

"Very funny," Stig said.

Edvin glanced up briefly from his knitting and shook his head.

And, yes, Edvin's knitting is sort of a running gag throughout the book. XD

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